About Us

NerdBurger Games is the game design imprint of Craig Campbell. Craig has done a whole bunch of RPG design freelancing in the past. Several years ago, he dove into designing his own RPG. Now NerdBurger Games has multiple RPG and is showing no signs of stopping.

NerdBurger Games endeavors to create games that explore corners of the RPG landscape that haven't been explored...or haven't been explored very often. These games forgo dense gaming mechanics in favor of lighter rule sets that allow players to focus on telling fun, engaging, memorable stories. 

NerdBurger Games was founded in 2015 by Craig Campbell. 

Die Laughing Contributors

Craig designed Die Laughing, but he had help. Here are the fine folks who helped Craig make Die Laughing super-cool.

Editing: Vincent Harper

Art: Beth Varni

Graphic Design and Layout: Todd Crapper

Kickstarter Video: Michelle Owczarski

CAPERS Contributors

CAPERS is designed by Craig, but a whole bunch of people lent their expertise to making the game a real thing. Here they are.

Additional Design: Brandon Aten, Tim Eagon, James Introcaso, Derek Kamal, Kevin Kulp, Matthew Orr

Editing and Proofreading: Karen Franklin

Art: Beth Varni

Graphic Design: Owen St.Gelais

Cartography and Layout: Michael Brock

Kickstarter Video: Michelle and Jim Owczarski

Murders & Acquisitions Contributors

Murders & Acquisitions is designed by Craig, but many people brought their time and expertise to the game to make it a real thing. Here they are. 

Additional Design: Tim Eagon, Dale A. Gaus, Ray Franklin

Editorial Assistance: Carol Darnell, Chris S. Sims

Proofreading: Karen Franklin

Front Cover Art: Beth Varni

Interior Art: Michael Brock, Becca Gowdy, Ben Herrera, James McLaughlin, Quinn McSherry, Jason Moser, Jen Sorrell, Beth Varni, Lindsey Wagner

Graphic Design: Jen Sorrell

Additional Graphics: David A. Lupo, Andy Madsen, Matthew Sulhoff

Layout: Michael Brock

Fiction: Jim Owczarski

Kickstarter Video: Michelle Owczarski

Craig Campbell - Lead Designer

I’ve been playing, GMing, and designing RPGs for two and a half decades.

In 2001, I wrote my first paid freelance RPG piece, a convention module for D&D's Living Greyhawk titled, “Winter Tears.” Over the next several years, I published a feature article in Dragon Magazine and wrote a few adventures for the RPGA. In 2009, I began doing more freelancing, racking up over thirty freelance credits for Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World, Pathfinder, and Iron Kingdoms.

A few years back, I ramped down my freelancing to start work on my own game, Murders & Acquisitions. M&A went to Kickstarter in May of 2016 and was successfully funded. Murders & Acquisitions went up for sale at DriveThruRPG.com in December of 2016. 

Now I'm working on the next RPG from NerdBurger Games. CAPERS is a super-powered game of 1920s gangsters. It's set in the 1920s Prohibition era of the United States. The game is complete and was Kickstarted to great success in March of 2018. It's now on its way to being published by the end of 2018. 

What Else is Craig Up To?

When I’m not designing RPGs (or playtesting or planning or blogging or…you get the picture), I’m working as an architect, watching all manner of fantasy, sci-fi, and horror TV and movies, reading satirical non-fiction, playing RPGs and board/card games with my friends, and co-hosting a weekly podcast.

Select Game Design Resume Items

Here's a short list of my favorite RPG projects.

"Eye of the Night" - Dragon Magazine 340 - Feature article for D&D.

"Pathfinder Society #18: The Trouble with Secrets" - Pathfinder Society adventure featuring some trouble and some secrets.

"Coaxing the Flame" - Living Forgotten Realms - Convention module for D&D.

"Nightmares Unleashed" - Dungeon Magazine 177 - Side trek adventure for D&D.

"Class Acts: Warden" - Dragon Magazine 386 - Flavor and rules for the Warden class in D&D 4E.

"Hometown, Gamma Terra" - Wizards of the Coast website - Guidelines for creating the Gamma World version of your hometown.

"Pedal to the Metal" - Wizards of the Coast website - Gamma World rules for vehicles - co-written with Ray Franklin.

"Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut" - Dungeon Magazine 196 - Mega-adventure for D&D.

"A Rhyme Gone Wrong" - Dungeon Magazine 217 - A short D&D adventure.

"Deserts" - Iron Kingdoms Unleashed - I wrote the desert chapter of this hardcover rule book.

Murders & Acquisitions - NerdBurger Games - A fun, light RPG of espionage, subterfuge, intrigue, theft, and murder set in an absurd corporate world. 

CAPERS - NerdBurger Games - A super-powered game of gangsters in the Roaring Twenties. 

Die Laughing - NerdBurger Games - A short-play, GM-less game where players portray characters in a horror-comedy movie.