The Return of AndoCon


When I set my Kickstarter to begin right before AndoCon (my favorite local gaming con), I thought it'd be no problem. I'd be all jacked up with excitement for the Kickstarter launch and I'd roll that right into the convention.

And I did. But damn, if I didn't crash hard Sunday evening and Monday.

But I'm back now.

AndoCon was great. It didn't happen last year and was sorely missed. It came back better than ever with a bunch of cool stuff they never did before. A wider variety of scheduled RPG events. Many more panels than previous. A slew of prize giveaways. Good times. Noodle salad.

I ran a CAPERS event. Recorded a NerdBurger podcast. Co-ran a cooperative game design workshop. Recorded ANOTHER NerdBurger podcast (this one "After Dark"), and facilitated two tables of six playing Die Laughing simultaneously (while enjoying 12-year old scotch).

And that was all on Saturday. Friday and Sunday I mostly schmoozed. Got a chance to meet some cool designers. Hung out with Eloy Lasanta, whom I've known for years buy never hung around with previously. Played a few games. Kicked back with my friend Mike.

If you live in the Atlanta area and didn't go, should endeavor to attend AndoCon next year. If you live elsewhere, you should make sure to look around and find those one or two small, local gaming conventions where everyone treats you like family.

It's totally worth it.

Game on,


Day One Recap


Day one of the CAPERS Kickstarter. Funded in under six hours. At the 24-hour mark, we were about $100 from the first stretch goal. Nearly 130 backers in 24 hours.

Pretty darn solid.

I'm not going make blog posts TOO much during the Kickstarter. The updates will cover the details of how the Kickstarter is going. But I thought it was worth it to drop in here and say hi.

If you are planning to back, jump on now. Your card doesn't get charged until the campaign ends and doing well in the first couple days makes all the difference in enticing people who happen upon it later to back the game.

Also, I have a whole NEW way to obsess over the Kickstarter. Google Analystics for the first day below:



Game on,


CAPERS Kickstarter Is Now LIVE!

Greetings loyal NerdBurgerlings,

It’s time. The CAPERS Kickstarter is live.


Give it a look and back it if you like it. Also, very important, please share this around with your social media. Word of mouth helps more than you can imagine.

Game on,


Con Nooooooooooooga

I'm back from Con Nooga, a three day geek convention in Chattanooga, TN. I shared a corner booth with James Dawsey of Vigilance Press and Jamie Chambers of Signal Fire Studios.

Con Nooga is a little weird. It's a full on geek con with a wide variety of stuff going on. The gaming side feel a little light to me, though. The gaming hall was only partially full and there weren't a lot of gaming-oriented vendors in the dealer hall. But it seems they're working on beefing that side of things up for the future. Here's hoping.

All in all, I had a good time. Sales were okay, but could have been better. I had a fine time chatting with James, Jamie, and Thomas (Jamie's friend) in the booth. The hall was busy enough that there was always some fun cosplay to check out and folks to chat with.

Will I go next year? It's likely, but I'll have to give it some thought.

Oh, and by the way, we're at T-minus one week and counting to the CAPERS Kickstarter.


Game on,


ETSU Con Recap

Wow! What a great convention!

I went to ETSU Con knowing relatively little about it. But it was within driving distance and three weeks before my Kickstarter. A bit of a gamble for my first ever NerdBurger Games booth.

Great crowd. Lots of cool cosplay. Nice sized dealer hall. I had my second best sales convention (only eclipsed by GenCon last year), which was something I TOTALLY did not expect. And I got a bunch of people excited for the CAPERS Kickstarter.

My thanks to dealer hall organizer Nick for all his help. And a big thank-you to Brian and Letitia, who popped in to help out at the booth both days for a little while. So I could host a panel and pee occasionally.

Here's what my table looked like. More photos on the gallery page.

Game on,



If you follow me on my personal Facebook page, the NerdBurger Games Facebook page, or my personal Twitter account, you can ignore this.

If you don't follow me in these ways, read on...

I'm considering the idea of NerdBurgerCon. Just spitballing the idea here. 

If NerdBurger Games organized an all-day "con" on, say, a Saturday, at an Atlanta-area game store, would you attend? A handful of scheduled RPG events. Plenty of open gaming space. Maybe a few "special events" TBD.

If this is something that you would attend, assuming it works for your own personal schedule, let me know by emailing me at Put "NerdBurgerCon" in the subject line. 

If enough people express interest, we will look into hosting an all-day "con" in the Atlanta area sometime later this year. Could be fun. But I need to know if people are interested before I commit to the idea. 

Drop me a line,


Wanna Help NerdBurger Games?

Sudden brain-surge!

Are you going to a local convention between now and the end of March? Interested in doing a little CAPERS Kickstarter promotion? I'll send you a copy of the preview edition to show people and a pack of promo cards to hand out.

If you're interested, email me at



T-Minus One Month and Counting


One month to the CAPERS Kickstarter. Though I'm sure you already knew that.

To celebrate, how about the color versions of the two illustrations posted in the previous blog entry? That's fun, right?

Car Chase


Safe Cracking


Game on,


Refined CAPERS Ilustrations

Hey there,

Just a couple glimpses at artwork Beth is working on. These have been developed from sketches and are in the "linework" phase. Feedback provided. She'll be getting final color versions to me soon. 

First, a speedster packing two pistols chases down a couple of gangsters, one of whom is shooting a ball of fire at him. 

Second, a thief tries to open a vault the traditional way. When unsuccessful, he fires energy beams at it. 

And that does it for January. 

Next up...February and more work.

Game on,


Announcing M&A Memos

Hey there,

NerdBurger Games is pleased to announce "M&A Memos," a monthly series of 1-page PDFs providing all new material for the Murders & Acquisitions RPG. Each Memo will be available at for free. 

Swing by HERE to grab your copy of Memo #1.

And check in again every month for another PDF. I'll be writing some of them. Many will be written by Tim Eagon, who designed a whole bunch of stuff for the Murders & Acquisitions book. Tim is a super-cool dude who will certainly bring some great, new stuff to M&A

Game on,


Photographic Evidence


Wanna see some photos that demonstrate what I've been up to lately? Here you go!

CAPERS Interior Graphic Design

Owen and I have been hashing through graphic design for the interior of the CAPERS book. We developed five variants and recently discussed them. After some discussion, we've developed "Round 2" of interior graphic design, to be reviewed in a couple weeks. I'm really excited about how great the book is going to look. Great graphic design. Great artwork. Hopefully great game content. 

CAPERS Editing

I sent the final manuscript of CAPERS to my editor, Karen, a while back. I recently received her markups. Wanna know how good of a writer I am? This pic should give you an idea. Pretty good, but plenty to fix. Each tab sticking out of that book indicates one or more items on a page that need to be fixed. 

AndoCon 2018 Prize Support

Along with working on NerdBurger Games stuff, I've been helping AndoCon 2018 get going. One of my responsibilities is finding prize support. Cool game stuff that will be awarded to attendees for various reasons. 

Here's a pic of the stack of games that have been contributed by sponsors which I have sitting in my apartment...just waiting for AndoCon. This stack does not include THIRTEEN games sent to us by CheapAss Games. (HOLY CRAP!) It doesn't include a handful of games that are still in transit that I'll receive in the next few weeks. And it doesn't include all the cool freebies and giveaways that will happen as part of the MANY special events being hosted at AndoCon 2018. 

SO. MUCH. FREE. STUFF. If you're not already planning to attend AndoCon 2018, you need to re-think that and check it out HERE

Back to the grind. 

Game on,



CAPERS Sketches from Beth

Hey there,

I received some sketches from Beth today. She's working on a few illustrations to round out what I need for the CAPERS Kickstarter video and page. They're rudimentary and will see full color treatment for the final, but here's a look at what's in the works.

The illustration on the left is a two-panel illo showing a safecracker trying to break into a big floor safe by traditional means. After that fails, he unleashes a bolt of energy to blast the door open. The illustration on the right features three gangsters leveling weapons at foes off panel. 

I sent Beth some feedback on each, including ideas for some 1920s ads to appear on the wall behind the shooters. As expected, Beth is rocking it. 

Don't Split the Podcast Presents: CAPERS

I'll be running a game of CAPERS on Sunday, January 21, from 3-7pm Eastern on the Don't Split the Podcast Twitch Channel. My players include James Introcaso, Celeste Conowitch, Sage Stafford, and Paul Harpring. They'll be diving into 1920s New York to find...something. There will be twists and turns. There will be secrets revealed. There will be fun. 

Make sure to check out all the fun stuff at the Don't Split the Podcast Network. Including Venture Maidens (starring Celeste and Sage, as well as a couple other great gals). Also including Table Top Babble (starring James Introcaso), where I sometimes swing by to talk RPGs. 

Murders & Acquisitions Memos

My trip to Midwinter put me in touch with a few people in the RPG industry who suggested I try to provide some free content supporting a released game to generate interest. As it turns out, a lot of people LOVE downloading free stuff for games they don't even own. So I put out some free stuff. They download and check it out. Maybe use some of those ideas in other games. And eventually, they start wondering what my game is about. Then they maybe buy a copy. 

So, I'm going to try to dive into this for Murders & Acquisitions this year as time permits. I'm planning to create a series of one-page PDF supplements for M&A called Memos. Each Memo will contain some material for the game. And they'll be free to download at Keep an eye out for M&A Memos!

Other Bits and Pieces

I've ordered a table runner for use at convention tables featuring the NerdBurger Games burger dude and game company name. I'm working on squaring away podcast appearances for the CAPERS Kickstarter. I'm figuring out things for future convention appearances. I'm nailing down the CAPERS Kickstarter page. And I'm working my way through pages 5-7 of my big "Planning Document" which covers all sorts of NerdBurger Games stuff. 

And that's a wrap for now.

Game on,


Post-Midwinter Decompression


I got back just today from a trip to Wisconsin to attend Midwinter Gaming Convention and then visit family in the frozen north. I expect to hit the sack in the very near future, but I thought I'd touch base here real quick while things are still fresh in my head. 

Midwinter Gaming Convention

I had a lovely time at Midwinter, my second time attending the con. The RPG segment of the con was noticeably livelier this time around. I manned a demo table for a good chunk of Friday and Saturday. Lots of fun. I ran a game of Die Laughing and a CAPERS game. Everyone seemed to have a great deal of fun. 

While that stuff was great, there a little something that's worth mentioning for designers. I attended the Industry Summit events that ran throughout Thursday. Multiple seminars/meetups for industry professionals to network, talk shop, and discuss things like Kickstarters, small press publishing, and social media marketing. I found all of these events useful but of particular note is the social media discussion hosted by Meredith Gerber of Incredibly informative. I hope the Midwinter folks continue with this Thursday plan in the future. Lots of great learning and sharing experiences. 

CAPERS Book Prep

I received a proof copy of the interior graphic design work Owen and I have been working on lately. Owen and I will be meeting soon to discuss the options we created and figure out how we're going to move forward. The interior look and feel of the book is shaping up nicely. 

Mike is continuing to push through map stuff. They're looking good. Just need some final decisions and final production.

My editor wrapped up her pass on the book manuscript a couple days ago. I'll be picking up her redlines and fixing all the spots where I THOUGHT I was writing things correctly...but wasn't....very soon. 

CAPERS Kickstarter Prep

Michelle is hard at work on the Kickstarter video, though I owe her a few items, most notably a final map of Atlantic City from Mike and four more illustrations from Beth (which she has been working on; she's gonna send me sketches soon).

Today, I started contacting chat and podcast folks to begin nailing down the promotional push that will happen before and during the Kickstarter. I've got three actual play recordings planned. One is done. One is coming up but hasn't been nailed down yet. And ONE will happen very soon. 

You can get a sneak peek and watch as I take four players through a CAPERS adventure with Don't Split the Podcast Network Presents on Sunday, January 21st, starting at 3pm Eastern. Info can be found HERE. Their Twitch channel can be found HERE

My Convention Schedule

It's official. I'm gonna be at ETSU-Con in February. You can see my entire upcoming convention schedule HERE. If you're gonna be at any of these conventions, come find me!

And that's a wrap...for this blog post. Type at ya later.

Game on,


Welcome to 2018

Hello NerdBurger Fans!

2018 has arrived. The next few months are going to be crazy hectic (and hopefully productive) here at NerdBurger Games.

CAPERS Kickstarter

Reminder. The CAPERS Kickstarter goes live on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Probably at 9am Eastern time.

Ratings and Reviews

If you’re a fan of my games, why not swing on by and give a nice rating or review? Finding and broadening an audience is one of the greatest challenges indie designers face. The system works against the little guy. It only takes a couple minutes and it really does help.

And this goes for other designers/artists you like. Provide a review or rating. Send them a message telling them you like their stuff. Share the love.

CAPERS Graphics and Art           

We’re in the final pre-Kickstarter push for art and graphic design work. Beth is working on a few more illustrations to help make the Kickstarter video really sing. Owen and I have been neck deep in working out the interior graphic design. Colors, fonts, sidebars, bullet points. What’s it all going to look like? We’ll know soon. Here’s sneak peek of ONE option among many that we’re considering.


First up is Midwinter Gaming Convention in Milwaukee. If you’re in the area, swing on by.

I’ll be at a BUNCH of other conventions in February and March. You can see my entire convention schedule HERE. ETSU Con is still up in the air but is looking VERY likely. Stay tuned on that one. 

Wanna Be a Playtester?

I’ll be looking for Die Laughing playtesters in the next few months. If you’re interested, email me at Die Laughing is a very light, narrative-driven, GM-less, horror-comedy game. It plays in just 1-2 hours, depending on the number of players. This will be one of the “easier” playtest experiences you might ever be involved in. The rules are very simple, so there likely won’t be that much to tweak. I’ll mostly be looking to make sure the characters, scene structure, and monsters are fun and engaging.

Game on,


The Coming Year

A little while back, I posted a recap for 2017. Time to take a look forward to 2018.

The CAPERS Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for CAPERS is set to go live on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. I’m not sure exactly when, but I expect I’ll push the button around 9am Eastern that day. It’ll run until Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 9pm Eastern.

Backer Levels

I spent some time reviewing my M&A Kickstarter as well as a variety of other Kickstarters for smaller indie RPGs. The details aren’t completely locked down, but you can expect a base backer level of $15. This will get you the entire game in PDF, with all stretch goal material unlocked, all PDF support materials, a code to buy a soft- or hardcover book at cost and a code to buy a deck of CAPERS-themed playing cards at cost. Including both backing the game and paying for the at cost book, it comes to a TOTAL of around $22 plus shipping for a softcover. $27 plus shipping for a hardcover. Keep in mind those dollar amounts include the initial $15 backer level. So, a pretty good deal for a game that will probably be $30 softcover and $35 hardcover retail afterwards.

With M&A, getting the book code took a backer level of $20. I decided to put everything in the base $15 backer level for CAPERS to make it a better deal for people, hopefully resulting in more backers jumping on board. Additionally, M&A was being put up sort of in a vacuum. I didn’t know how it would do so I tried to get pledges in ways I thought would help hit my goals. Now that I have a bit of an audience in place and a greater reach for marketing and promotion, I can make the CAPERS Kickstarter a better deal.

There will also be backer levels for getting your likeness in an illustration, being able to design an NPC to go in the game, and a way to get multiple copies of the game for you and your friends along with an online game with me GMing. There are a couple other ideas in the works, but I’m trying to keep everything under control. Probably no more than six backer levels.


I’ll be doing all I can to promote the Kickstarter without overstaying my welcome with people or bugging them too much. The best thing YOU can do to help is to back the game and share the Kickstarter around with your friends…maybe a couple times during the Kickstarter period.

I have plans in place for CAPERS to be featured in a few actual play podcasts. And I’ll be a guest on several audio podcasts promoting the game as well as just talking gaming and geeky stuff. And a bunch of other little things.

If you have any ideas about ways I can promote the Kickstarter, email me at

CAPERS Progress

I handed the manuscript off to the editor recently. I should get it back in a couple weeks. Then I’ll have to spend some time formatting the document to make importing it into InDesign as smooth as possible.

Mike is working on maps, possibly as I type this, and Owen is nailing down the interior layout options. We’re going to print a proof copy of several options so we can see how they’ll look in print form. The biggest issue here is making sure it works in color when printed on a page. M&A was b/w, so it was easy to envision everything just by looking at things on the screen.

Beth will be doing four more illustrations in early January so I have everything I need to hand off to Michelle and Jim to craft the Kickstarter video. I have some cool stuff planned for the video and am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

There’s a bunch of support material stuff yet to be done, but much of that is waiting on final character sheet design as well as some layout decisions still in flux.

Die Laughing Progress

I’ve revamped the scene structure to break things out into Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. This way, the scenes available for each Act are more appropriate to the types of scenes you see at different points during a horror movie. I’m pretty pleased with the work-up thus far but still need to test it. People who have bought (or will buy) the Die Laughing Preview Edition will still work from the previous scene structure.

I have some ideas in place for artwork for the game, though I probably won’t dive into pursuing that for a few months.

I’m expecting the book to clock in around 80-90 pages in digest size (6x9). Each character will get a small illustration as will each monster. Add in a few larger illustrations elsewhere in the book and it makes for a rather large art budget, relative to the size of the game. I’ve started looking at how I can make a Kickstarter happen with a relatively low base backer buy-in (probably $5-7).


I’ll be hitting five (hopefully six) conventions between now and the end of the CAPERS Kickstarter. You can see my full schedule on the Schedule page of this website.

Those three months are going to EASILY be my busiest convention schedule ever. I went whole hog for finding ways to promote CAPERS and it’s gonna exhaust me. But, once they’re done, I’ll be able to settle into “publisher mode” for several months where I’ll mostly be directing others doing graphic, art, and layout work.

I’m not sure if I’ll be making it to any other conventions later in the year. I’d really like to go to AcadeCon again. And I’d probably go to PAX Unplugged again if the IGDN decides to have a booth in the dealer hall in 2018. Origins and GenCon are possibilities, but looking unlikely. They’ll both be happening in the midst of me getting CAPERS out the door, assuming the Kickstarter funds, of course. Plus, I’m gonna eat up a LOT of vacation time in the first three months of next year. Ugh. 

More RPGs?

I’m pretty sure Die Laughing will be the next game I publish, assuming all continues to go well with playtesting. The game system is ridiculously simple, compared to other games I’ve designed, so the playtesting process will be less about rules testing and more about making sure character and monster options are fun and engaging.

I’ve got a few more ideas percolating in my brain right now. Each has seen about one page of outlining just to get ideas on paper. A mid-apocalypse sort of sci-fi game set in a very DIFFERENT setting? A simple, family-oriented RPG that features drawing simple things as part of the game? A mystery-in-a-small-town game set in the middle of nowhere? I’ll have to explore the ideas more and see which one grabs ahold of my imagination the most.

I imagine I’ll continue to design the occasional 1-2 page game as design exercises.

The NerdBurger Podcast

This little podcast is almost five years old. Mike hasn’t tired of me yet, so I expect it will continue to grow older. You can expect appearances from some of the people who contributed to CAPERS at various times, along with all our regulars, and a few special guests now and then.

My Games at Conventions

I’ll have my games for sale at the conventions I’m attending in 2018. I’ll be trying to get the games on the shelves at a few other conventions, even if I don’t attend, including Origins and GenCon.

In Closing…

It’s been a heck of a year here at NerdBurger Games and I expect 2018 to be even bigger and better for my little company. It’s certainly going to be busy.

With that, I’m gonna call 2017 to a close, at least for  this little blog, and start preparing for what’s to come.

Game on,


Die Laughing Preview Edition Now For Sale

Hi all,

A quick something-something for fans of NerdBurger Games. 

The Die Laughing Preview Edition is now available at DriveThruRPG. $2 PDF. $5 softcover/PDF combo. Check it out, give it a play, and provide feedback. If the game gains traction, I'll expand it and make it a bigger, fully illustrated book. 

So far, things are looking damn good for this game. It's likely it'll be the third RPG from NerdBurger Games. 

You can buy it HERE.

Game on,


The Year in Review

Happy December!

It’s fortuitous that the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter fulfilled in December of last year. Cuz I’m gonna do a little breakdown of the past year at NerdBurger Games. And that means covering the first year of M&A being available.

The Website

Here’s what website traffic has looked like here at

Traffic Overview.png

Big spike in May during the Kickstarter. Up and down since then. Rising again at the end of the year with more updates relating to the CAPERS Kickstarter.

Most visitors to the site come from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia (about 92% of the total). But there have been visitors from nearly every European country, some South American countries, and a variety of Asian countries. Two from Russia. One from Egypt. One from Pakistan. Four from “Unknown.” I’m gonna assume those four are from Proxima Centauri, Coruscant, Magrathea, and Omicron Persei 8.

Sales Outlets

Besides the Kickstarter, Murders & Acquisitions has been made available in a variety of channels. (And CAPERS has seen a bit of sales through some of these, too.)

  • It’s available at
  • Retailers and players can order it thru Indie Press Revolution.
  • It’s been on sale at three conventions this year. Next year, I hope to have it up for sale in at least eight convention dealer halls.
  • It was part of Mythoard’s digital bundle earlier this year.

I tried getting it out there thru a couple other venues that just didn’t work out. One of them might happen this coming year. And I want to look into distributing through Peachstate Hobby Distribution, a small, south-based hobby distributor.  


The sales report tool at is a little janky, at least for me, so the following totals are approximate. Here’s a book sales breakdown.

M&A Books

  • DTRPG (includes Kickstarter): 156
  • Indie Press Revolution: 26
  • GenCon 2017: 14
  • AcadeCon 2017: 2
  • PAX Unplugged 2017: 3


  • DTRPG (includes Kickstarter): 233
  • Mythoard digital package: 25

M&A Support PDFs

  • Quick Start Guide (free): 274
  • Holiday Bonus : 10

CAPERS Preview Books

  • DTRPG: 23
  • AcadeCon 2017: 5
  • PAX Unplugged 2017: 15


  • DTRPG: 19
  • Giveaways: 25

Die Laughing Preview Books

  • AcadeCon 2017: 5
  • PAX Unplugged 2017: 10

So, about 459 copies of M&A are in the wild (along with 274 quick start guides). Some of those are duplicates to the same person as some people have both a physical copy and a PDF. About 87 copies of CAPERS. And about 15 copies of Die Laughing.

(Side Note: I’ve only sold one copy of the Downsized Edition of M&A in six months. So that’s going away.)

Certainly these aren’t huge numbers, but I feel pretty good about them for the first year of an itty-bitty, one-dude company with only the slightest of previous freelance cred.

Most importantly for continued NBG success, these are people who now have seen my first game (and hopefully dig it). And they now know my name. And many of them know that I fulfilled my first Kickstarter in seven months. If all goes well, there will be some repeat customers for CAPERS (who aren’t friends of mine).

Not too shabby for a little company built from a game about beating people up in an office.


To Patreon or Not to Patreon...


I've been considering the idea of creating a Patreon for some time but haven't taken the plunge. With the recent bed-crapping Patreon managed to do, I'm putting it off even longer. Curious to see what Kickstarter's Drip service will look like once it's live for all.

If the CAPERS Kickstarter creates some more NerdBurger Games fans, maybe I'll revisit the idea.

But what would be worthwhile for a little game company like mine? Behind the scenes looks at ongoing design processes, of course. Maybe the occasional micro-game design. Blog posts on specific challenges I run into. Maybe the occasional interview (text or audio podcast) with other indie designers and/or people who help with my work.

What do you think? What could I offer that you would pay a few bucks per month to enjoy?

I've posted this on both my personal FB page and the NerdBurger Games FB page. You can respond with your thoughts there. OR email me at with your thoughts. 


Die Laughing - Behind the Scenes

Hello stalwart NerdBurger supporters,

Time to take a look behind the scenes at my work on Die Laughing

If you've been paying attention, you know that Die Laughing is MAYBE gonna be the third RPG from NerdBurger Games.

In case you're not in the know, Die Laughing is a GM-less, short-play (1-2 hour), narrative-driven, rules-light story game. Players portray characters in a horror-comedy movie. The basic conceit of the game is that all characters are going to die. It's just a matter of when it happens and how funny it is. 

Each player has a pool of d6s that they use for all Trait Checks. As the game plays out, your d6 pool grows smaller, creating a countdown to your character's death. When you run out of dice, your character is out of the story (dead or transformed into a monster, like maybe a zombie). But fear not! When your character is gone, there are a number of ways you can still be involved in the story you're all telling. No one just sits and waits for the end of the game. 

I made a preview edition of the game available on DTRPG a while back for a few weeks. I've printed copies out and sold some at recent convention appearances. I've given some away for free to friends. I've run the game several times now, and feel it's moving into "Yeah, this is gonna happen" territory. 

If you'd like to take a look at it, go HERE and download the preview edition. It's not nearly the game it's gonna be eventually, but it contains enough info to give the game a spin a few times. 

Try Die Laughing out. Email me at with your comments. Player feedback is crucial to making any game as good as it can be. 

For those who have read the game book and hopefully actually PLAYED the game, take a look at the info below. My playtests have resulted in multiple players suggesting I split the Scenes used in the game into Acts, based on what each Act of a movie does to create the story. I've recently begun breaking that down. Different types of Scenes are more appropriate to different Acts in the story. 

Most of what I've included below won't make a great deal of sense unless you've actually played the game. But maybe you'll be intrigued by this info and take it as a call to action to try the game out. 

To people who HAVE played Die Laughing and read the info below, if you have any thoughts, email me at with your thoughts. 

Die Laughing 3-Act Scene Structure_Page_1.jpg
Die Laughing 3-Act Scene Structure_Page_2.jpg

Time to get back to my final pass at the CAPERS manuscript. It goes to the editor before Christmas. Wish me luck.

Game on,