Die Laughing Kickstarter - The Stats

Good morning,

I’m not a lover of statistics. That is, I’m not adept at manipulating statistics and looking at dozens of different permutations of such info. But I do like taking a look at the numbers. So here we go.

Some Basic Numbers

392 backers. $5575 pledged. 796% funded. $14.22 average pledge.

285 backed for Die Laughing. 31 wanted M&A also. 10 wanted CAPERS also. 60 wanted all three games. 25% wanted more than just the little horror game. Wow. Note to self: offer PDFs of previous games in future Kickstarters.

381 people “followed” the project. Of that, 75 converted and backed in those last two days. That’s 19%. From what I’ve seen that’s pretty decent.

613 people clicked on the video. 54% watched the whole thing. I imagine that comes out of the fact that it’s only about a minute long….and funny.

Die Laughing Kickstarter Referrals

The following chart is an approximation based on two metrics. First, Kickstarter reports where backers come from. The problem is, some of that info can be very non-specific, so it’s not all useful. Second, I asked people where they heard about the game in the backer survey. That’s self-reporting, so there will be some error/mis-remembering in there.

But I think this is a fairly accurate snapshot.

42% came from people finding the game on Kickstarter. That’s not surprising. But Facebook and Twitter were surprisingly effective for media that I often feel people just skim through. I’m particularly happy with the 20% from personal recommendations. Podcasts and streams were helpful. And then there was a lot of little bits and pieces.

All in all, it’s as I’ve said before. When you don’t have a huge, built-in fan base and you’re not widely known, EVERYTHING helps. If I hadn’t shouted from the Facebook and Twitter rooftops for three weeks, I’d have 20% less backers. If I hadn’t peppered every RPG news site, blog site, etc. I could find, I’d have 10% less backers.

Future Game Survey

I took this backer survey as an opportunity to see what types of games/supplements people might want from me in the future. People were allowed to choose more than one category. Here’s what I got:

I’m not surprised that more people wanted new smaller games. After all, if you’re pledging for a small game, you like small games, and probably want more. I AM surprised at seeing 108 people wanting supplements for my games. AND at 91 people wanting D&D stuff. I get it, D&D is crazy popular. But I’m surprised they want D&D stuff from me when there’s SO MUCH stuff out there now.

What will I create in the future? CAPERS supplements, as already planned. I’ve got another big game in the chute. And another smaller game. Will I do supplements for other games? Only time can tell.

So there you go. Numbers. Aren’t they fun?

Game on,


CAPERS Noir Specs

Hey all,

CAPERS Noir playtest feedback is in. I have some development/revision to do. There might be some additional playtesting, but we’ll see. I think it’s fair to say that there could be a Kickstarter for the game in February of March of next year. We’ll see, but it seems do-able.

What’s in CAPERS Noir, you ask? Here you go!

CAPERS Noir Specs:

  • 52 pages, softcover, color cover, color interior

  • Carries the CAPERS game into the 1940s, shifting focus from Prohibition era gangster action to 1940s crime noir stories. Character options are usable for the regular CAPERS game and also in CAPERS Noir.

  • 5 pages of 1940s setting overview.

  • 3 pages of new character options, including new Vices, point-build character options, and drawbacks.

  • 5 pages of expanded rules, including investigation rules, the Shade track (which tracks characters’ personal corruption that is influenced by the destruction wrought by WW2 and the veil between the real world and the spirit world thinning, and rules for contacts and connections.

  • 4 pages of new Powers, including Light Control, Shadow Control, and Possession.

  • 2 pages of 1940s equipment costs.

  • 4 pages of GM guidelines and advice focusing on investigations and the Shade track.

  • 8 pages of Los Angeles backdrop, including a map and 2 pages of new stat blocks.

  • 2 pages of 1940s law enforcement info, including The Rosewood Hunter Society, a private organization dedicated to understanding and hunting monsters.

  • 6 pages of monsters, including bogies, fiends, ghosts, and revenants.

  • 2 pages of general NPC stat blocks, including the femme fatale, private investigator, and street preacher.

  • 3 pages of GM Toolbox covering the Gloam, the realm of dead things and monsters.

Feel free to pop over to the NerdBurger Games Discord to talk about all this. I’d be happy to answer questions as much as I can.

Game on,


Final Girl? Final Day!

Almost done…

The Die Laughing Kickstarter ends today at 9pm Eastern.

If you haven’t backed yet, now is the time. HERE is your linkee.

72-page rough cut PDF to be released to all backers moments after the Kickstarter ends.

Game on,


Die Laughing Rough Cut

Real quick, just for those who aren’t sure they want to back Die Laughing on Kickstarter yet…

Do you want to play Die Laughing on Thanksgiving Day? I'll be releasing the 72-page "rough cut" PDF of the game to backers immediately upon the Kickstarter ending. For the record, the "rough cut" is fully illustrated, laid out, and so bloody pretty.

So there you go. Game in your hands minutes after the KS ends.

And then bigger, complete version a few months later.

Game on,


CAPERS Noir Glimpse


CAPERS Noir recently went to playtesters. I sent the entire draft of the (eventually 50-or-so page) supplement to multiple playtest groups along with an adventure and feedback form.

Wanna see a glimpse of what playtesters are seeing? Here you go.


CAPERS Noir features an all-new backdrop — Los Angeles in the 1940s. Here’s the first page.


CAPERS Noir is filled with monsters! The death and destruction caused by World War 2 has resulted in the thinning of the veil between the world and the realm of the dead, called The Gloam, in the game. Here are a couple monsters from the game.

So there you go. Enjoy. More to come in the future, as the playtesters tell me what is good, what needs work, and what is bad, bad, bad.

Game on,


Convention Reflections


With Die Laughing doing fairly well (for the small scale game it is), I’ve found myself examining my Kickstarters, conventions, and general sales from May 2016 to the present.


I make money here. M&A didn’t make a ton of profit, but I made a few bucks. CAPERS was actually fairly profitable, giving me a cushion with which to explore smaller offerings like Die Laughing and CAPERS Noir. Die Laughing looks to be profitable as well.

I feel like there are more ways I could leverage Kickstarter, even if I stick with my niche little games (which I fully realize will never be SUPER profitable, and I’m cool with that).

Online Sales

I made some money on sales with M&A. How will CAPERS perform, post Kickstarter? We’ll find out. Not much to say here until CAPERS has been around for a year or so.

Convention Sales

This is the area that was most surprising. I get books in conventions through two methods. I send them to bigger cons through the IGDN and I go to smaller cons myself and get a (generally much cheaper) booth or share with a friend or two.

Tallying five conventions of each type, I’ve made about $400 more doing smaller cons myself than I’ve made with IGDN big cons. Will I see a big swing up in sales with Origins and GenCon in 2019 since I’ll have at least three products to put on the shelves? Who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

(Note: I make a good amount of money from those bigger cons, but I PAY a lot more to cover my share of the booth. That’s just how it works with bigger cons.)

But I can say this. If Origins and GenCon sales are disappointing, that might be the end of me putting my games into those few big cons. I feel like my little, niche games are getting lost in the shuffle. And truth be told, the numbers are bearing that out.

Holding off until after GenCon next year. But if things don’t improve, NerdBurger Games’ market/con strategy is likely going to change.

Game on,


T-Minus One Day and One Hour


One day and one hour to go until the Die Laughing Kickstarter goes live.

If you subscribe to this blog, you are among the most dedicated NerdBurger Games fans and we love you. And you’re also part of the marketing team. :-)

All aboard the hype train!



The In-Between

Hey there folks,

I’m in a sort of “in-between” right now.

CAPERS is fulfilled (mostly, with maps/minis coming soon). The Die Laughing Kickstarter is coming Oct. 30. CAPERS Noir is written; I just need to stat some stuff up and create an adventure and then playtesting can begin.

I went to High Level Games Con and had fun. AcadeCon is coming up and will certainly be a great time. CAPERS is gonna see some Actual Play love in the coming months and some Roll20 love a bit further down the road.

So…nothing really BIG to announce right now. Just chugging along. More news as I nail things down.

Game on,


CAPERS is Available to Purchase


The CAPERS Kickstarter fulfillment emails have gone out. Backers are downloading PDFs and ordering books and cards. I’m ecstatic! It’s finally REAL!

Wanna learn more? Go HERE.

Or go HERE to buy the game, if you missed the Kickstarter.


On to Die Laughing. :-)

Game on,


CAPERS - The Countdown Begins


I recently uploaded the final CAPERS book files to the printer. The countdown to Kickstarter fulfillment is officially underway.

While I wait for the files to be approved and then a final proof gets printed and then shipped, I have a TON of planning to do to make sure fulfillment goes as smoothly (and as quickly) as possible. That planning will happen over the course of the next week.

So when will all the backers get their CAPERS Kickstarter rewards. It depends on file acceptance, printing, and shipping times, but if I had to guess…

CAPERS should go out to everyone on the week of October 1-5.

Plan for that. If it’s gonna take longer, I’ll let every one know.

It’s almost time, and I’m super-excited to unveil all the work the team and I did.

Game on,


CAPERS Noir Excerpt - Expanded Character Creation

Hello everyone,

Here I am again, sharing a bit of what’s under development for CAPERS Noir. This supplement is looking to be a 52-page PDF/softcover offering. I’ve outlined everything, written a bunch of stuff myself, and have two freelance designers helping with some other bits.

The book will contain the following:

  • Overview - Describing what CAPERS Noir is all about and setting the stage for the 1940s setting.

  • Expanded Character Creation - Containing some 1940s-specific stuff, as well as some optional rules. A link to the first draft of this chapter can be found further on in this blog post.

  • Expanded Rules - This section will contain rules for investigation, the Shade Track, and a few other things. (The first draft of the Shade Track is in an earlier blog post.)

  • Powers - Containing eight new Powers usable in the base CAPERS game or in CAPERS Noir.

  • Goods & Services - Adjusted costs of equipment for the 1940s.

  • GM Guidelines - Advice for GMs running mysteries/investigations, adjudicating the Shade Track, and some other stuff.

  • Backdrop - A complete write-up of 1940s Los Angeles, filled with info on the city, notable organizations, locales, and persons, as well as story hooks.

  • Law Enforcement - A discussion of law enforcement in the 1940s, including what’s happening with the Registry of Abnormal Persons and a government-run monster hunting department.

  • Monsters - Full info and stat blocks for a variety of “creatures of darkness” in the dark 1940s.

  • Friends & Enemies - Stat blocks for additional, crime noir appropriate NPCs like the private investigator and femme fatale.

  • GM Toolbox - Another alternate realm characters can travel to, in this case, the Gloam, the spirit world.

Here’s a LINK to a PDF download of the first draft of the Expanded Character Creation chapter. Give it a look.

Game on,


Die Laughing Overview

This blog post is primarily for new social media followers I've recently seen coming in from the horror community. But everyone's allowed to read it. :-)

What is Die Laughing?

Die Laughing is a tabletop roleplaying game where the players portray characters in a horror-comedy movie. The assumption is that most, if not all, of the characters are going to die. It’s just a matter of when and how funny you can make it. The roles of lead character and director are shared around during game play. When your character dies, you become a producer on the movie and continue to influence the story being told. And there are a couple other things built into the game that give you things to do even after your character is gone.

The characters in the game are archetypes of the types of characters you see in horror movies. The jock, the loner, the soldier, the parent. The monsters are humorous adaptations of “types” of horror monsters. The crazed killer with weird weapons, the giant irradiated insect, the sexy vampire.

Game structure is built around three acts, each with a variety of scenes you might play out. Scenes are determined randomly, so it’s up to the players to invent ways to connect scenes together. There are triggers for when act 1 ends and you move into act 2, as well as for when act 2 ends and you move into act 3.

There’s a bit more to it than this, but those are the basics.

The final game will be a 6”x9” book, softcover or PDF, about 66 pages long. It might get a little bigger if I manage to convince a few horror icons to let me make them into monster/villains in the game. Debbie Rochon is already on board. I’m discussing things with Lloyd Kaufman and Joe Bob Briggs. I have inquiries in with a few others.

All of this is done in the spirit of fun and telling engaging, memorable, funny, and horrific stories. Die Laughing is my love letter to all these types of movies and the people who make them.

Expect a Kickstarter to begin on Tuesday, October 30th, the day before Halloween. And tell your friends.

Game on,


Making Sausage

Hello all,

Things are pretty busy here in NerdBurgerLand. Truth be told, things have been BUSIER on a number of occasions over the past few years. But right now, things are busy in a different way. I have three games in different stages of "needs Craig's time."

As you know, CAPERS is in the proofing process, with expected Kickstarter fulfillment and publication coming in the next couple months (barring any unforeseen fuckery). Die Laughing is fully written and moving quickly toward Kickstarter, hopefully this year. CAPERS Noir is underway, with me writing and developing plans and talking to people about helping. Additionally, there are conventions coming up where I can pimp CAPERS and get people stoked for the Die Laughing Kickstarter. 

It's a weird spot to be in for me, having this many different things all happening on top of each other. I'm kind of an anal-retentive guy and that is serving me well right now. I have a big ol' To Do List that I'm using to track all of this stuff. I thought you might like to get a glimpse of "how the sausage is made" in terms of all of this stuff. 

Following is a glimpse of my To Do List. It doesn't include everything. In fact, the list is perhaps twice as long as what you see here. But most of that additional stuff is overly-detailed stuff that isn't terribly interesting to read. Honestly, I don't know if THIS info is all that interesting to you, but I thought I'd throw it out there anyway. For people who dig on seeing the inside process. 

So yeah, there's a LOT going on. When will it end? Never, probably. At least, I HOPE it won't ever end. If it does end, it means I'm giving up on this whole NerdBurger Games thing. But right now I'm enjoying it enough that I'm pushing forward. For you. For fans of the stuff that's already out there. For CAPERS Kickstarter backers. For people that are interested in what's on the horizon. 

So thank you for inspiring me. YOU make me busy and I totally love it. 

Game on,