CAPERS is a super-powered game of gangsters in the Roaring Twenties. 

In CAPERS, players portray exceptional people – called "capers" by the general populace – who have been gifted with superhuman powers that defy the laws of science. You can play a gangster working to make his fortune in the vice-riddled 1920s. Alternatively, you can portray a member of law enforcement working to bring these criminals to justice.

CAPERS Game Mechanics

In CAPERS, each player uses a standard, poker-style deck of playing cards (52 suit cards plus 2 jokers) to resolve actions. When you attempt a task, you have a certain number of cards you can flip based on a Trait and maybe an applicable Skill. You can flip one or more cards, choosing to end your card flipping and take the result of the last card flipped whenever you want. The card flip accounts for both success/failure of the check and degree of success/failure of the attempt. You might get a success on a card flip but with a low degree of success. You can stick with that result or gamble and flip more cards to try to get a better degree of success and hopefully avoid flipping a card that fails the check.

CAPERS Game Specs

Like Murders & Acquisitions, CAPERS is a self-contained game with everything you need to play in a single rule book. It was successfully KIckstarted in March of 2018 and will be published by the end of 2018. 

In addition to the game book, you can get a wide variety of PDF support materials. They're not required for playing the game, but they sure can help. 

  • Character Sheet - A form-fillable PDF character sheet.

  • GM Screen Inserts - This supplement (available in portrait and landscape orientations) provides the GM with quick access to all the most important CAPERS game information. You can print the pages on heavy cardstock or place them in the sleeves of generic GM screens for easy use.

  • Rules One-Sheet- A simple one-sheet rules summary, ideal for new players or as a handy reference at the game table.

  • Pre-Generated Characters - Several pre-generated character sheets (form-fillable PDFs) featuring a variety of characters, ideal for quick pick-up and play games.

  • Adventures - A variety of pre-written adventures of Prohibition action.

  • Maps and Minis - A few pages of cut-out paper minis and a bunch of maps of 1920s places you can print to use in your game.

Game Development

CAPERS spent over two years in development, being playtested by dozens of RPG lovers. We at NerdBurger Games offer our most sincere and heartfelt thanks to the 532 Kickstarter backers who helped make CAPERS a reality. 

CAPERS Core System Reference Document

The CAPERS Core Game System (chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5) is released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

The CAPERS Core SRD can be found HERE.

CAPERS Supplements?

Plans are formulating to create a series of short supplements for CAPERS over the course of the next many months. 


First up is CAPERS Noir, a supplement advancing the core game to the 1940s and shifting focus from Prohibition (which is ended) to crime noir drama and adventure. Gangsters and law enforcement characters treading the slippery slopes of darkness and corruption, both of the world and of the soul. Additionally, this version of the world includes ghosts, Hydes, and other Victorian age monsters translated to the 1940s. The following things are tentatively on the docket for this supplement.

  • A description of how to use the content in this supplement with the CAPERS core rules.

  • An overview of the era.

  • Expanded rules for investigation, moral slippery slopes, and dealing with monsters.

  • New character options like conditional Powers (abilities your character can have that are dependent on drinking a concoction or being in a particular situation), and how the "darkness" of the setting can both touch you and be harnessed by you.

  • A series of new Powers that fit the setting, like Contact Spirit, Light Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation, and the like.

  • GM info, including how to run a crime noir game, using light and darkness in the game, and "Bumps in the NIght," the Victorian age style monsters that share the world with you.

  • A complete backdrop setting for Los Angeles, including info on the city as well as notable organizations, locales, and people.

  • A bunch of new NPCs for use in the setting.

  • The Spirit World, a mirror reflection of our real world where dead things "live."