CAPERS Promo Illustrations

Here are a bunch of illustrations to help you see what the final CAPERS book will look like.

Visit the CAPERS page and the Blog page for more information on the game. 

Front cover design and playing card design by Owen St.Gelais. All illustrations by Beth Varni. 

Front Cover


Interior Illustrations

First, a look at a sketch, revised line work, and the final quarter-page illustration. 

A half-page illustration with colors that really pop!

A bunch more illustrations. The strong woman and flier are quarter-page illustrations. The rest are pieces of a 4-page comic that will appear in the middle of the book. 


CAPERS Playing Cards

CAPERS uses decks of playing cards rather than dice for its resolution mechanic. This is the prototype of the playing card set that will be available for purchase. The face cards of the final deck will contain illustrations of important NPCs in the game. 

CAPERS Cards.jpg