The Game

Die Laughing is a 1-2 hour, GM-less story game. Players portray characters in a horror comedy movie. Each player is going to die. It's just a matter of when it will happen and how funny it will be. 

The dice function as a countdown to your character's death. When you run out of dice, your character dies. But fear not! Even after your character is gone, there are fun ways for you to remain active in and influence the story all the way to the end. 

Die Laughing Preview Edition

Craig plans to release a preview edition of the game in the near future. This will be the bare bones of the game, with enough info to run multiple games. The layout and graphics will be very basic but the game will be a complete version that you can run and enjoy. If you attend any conventions where Craig is hanging out, he'll likely have copies of the preview edition that you can snag for just $5. 

The preview edition will also function as a first run at playtesting. We'll be looking for feedback on the game, to supplement feedback from dedicated playtest groups. Assuming it gains traction, Craig will expand Die Laughing, based on playtest feedback, and turn it into a fully illustrated game book. 

Die Laughing is a very different type of game than what NerdBurger Games has created before. The final game book will be smaller (both in size and page count), but will be chock full of horror and funny.

Die Laughing Cover - 2.jpg