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ETSU Con 2018

Craig attended ETSU Con in February of 2018. Mostly ran a booth, sold games, and talked about CAPERS. He also had a room of about 20 people for his Designing an RPG panel. Great convention. Great people. A rousing success for his very first NerdBurger Games booth.

Here are some pics. The two people sitting at my table are Brian and Letitia, who helped out at the booth a few times. The room full of people are my padawan learners who came to my Designing an RPG panel.


PAX Unplugged 2017

Craig attended PAX Unplugged in mid-November. He spent some time helping in the IGDN booth selling his games and the games of many excellent game designers. He ran NINE two-hour games of CAPERS and Die Laughing. He hung out with friends, met people he only previously knew through the intarwebs, and talked shop with other game designers. He had a fine time. 


AcadeCon 2017

Craig attended AcadeCon in early November. He ran three games, a bunch of demos, and sold some books. Hung out with fellow designers. A whole bunch of other stuff. AcadeCon is, in a word, fantastic.


AndoCon 2016

Craig attended AndoCon on the weekend of March 11-13. See the blog for a full rundown of how things went. AndoCon was rocking this year. As of mid-afternoon on Saturday, show organizer Ando informed us that they were nearing record attendance for their convention. I have no doubt that they set the record only a few hours later.

Here are some photos from the show.

AndoCon 2015

Craig attended AndoCon in Atlanta this past weekend to run M&A demos and record an episode of the NerdBurger Podcast.

First two pics are a table of five super-excited M&A players. They even hung around to play a second round immediately after the first hour, they had so much fun.

Third pic is some of the audience from the NerdBurger Podcast recording.

Fourth pic is Craig and Mike (the NerdBurger Podcast hosts) with Sean Patrick Fannon, one of the many excellent guests we had jump on the mic with us.