Following is a list of podcasts (and other promotional venues) that Craig has appeared on to promote CAPERS and NerdBurger Games, as well as to just talk games and geeky stuff in general. Check 'em out!

The NerdBurger Podcast - Ongoing

Craig co-hosts a weekly discussion of all things geeky/nerdy with his friend Mike and a cavalcade of rotating guests. The NerdBurger Show is a potpourri of geeky talk slathered over with a healthy dose of humor. Check it out HERE. New episodes go up every Wednesday. Four years running. 

All Games Considered

Craig joined hosts Mark and Carol to discuss Jack Chick, running panels at game conventions, and RPGs that take an extra step in presentation of tone, style, and aesthetics in their books. You can listen HERE

The Wrecking Crew - Red List

Craig checked in with the Wrecking Crew folks (who are playtesting CAPERS) to discuss the game and plans for NerdBurger Games. 

Enjoy the podcasty goodness HERE

More to come...


Murders & Acquisitions Podcasty Stuff

Pop over to the Schedule page for a crap-ton of links to podcasts Craig did as he brought Murders & Acquisitions to fruition.