As work on CAPERS rolls along, Craig is beginning to firm up convention appearances to demo his games and build the NerdBurger Games audience.

If you know  of a gaming convention within about 300 miles of Atlanta that Craig might like to attend, email us at

If you know of a gaming convention farther away that might like to have Craig as a special guest and maybe help out with travel and accommodations costs, please email us at 

Below you'll find a rundown of Craig's upcoming appearances. 

MACE Gaming Convention - November 10-12, 2017 - Charlotte, NC

Craig plans to attend MACE to run demos of M&A and CAPERS

PAX Unplugged - November 17-19, 2017 - Philadelphia, PA

Craig will attend PAX Unplugged to run demos of M&A and CAPERS. Additionally, he hopes to be involved in a panel all about geeky/nerdy podcasts. And maybe run a special, one-shot adventure for M&A backers? Maybe? If enough backers are there and interested. 

Midwinter Gaming Convention - January 11-14 - Milwaukee, WI

Craig will attend Midwinter Gaming Convention to run M&A and CAPERS. And hang out with his Milwaukee friends. And visit family. Craig knows how to multi-task!

MGA Con - February 17-18 - Macon, GA

Craig will swing by MGA Con. He'll be sharing a booth with his friend Dave from New World Alchemy. They'll be running demos and selling games, baby!

AndoCon - March 9-11, 2018 - Atlanta, GA

Craig will be at AndoCon to run demos of M&A and CAPERS. He and podcast partner Mike will also record an episode of the NerdBurger Podcast with con attendees in the audience and on the mic, probably on Saturday afternoon.

Anything Else?

There will be more appearances in here. But nothing firm at the moment.