Murders & Acquisitions is done. Rewards for Kickstarter backers have gone out. The game is available for purchase at now. 



Craig is working on CAPERS, the next RPG from NerdBurger Games. Check out the Blog page for occasional updates on the ongoing development of this (sort of) supers game set in the 1920s Prohibition Era of the United States. Eye beams and Tommy guns!

Murders & Acquisitions Stuff

Below, you will find a rundown of all sorts of promotion Craig did while the M&A Kickstarter was underway.

You can check out where we ended up on the Kickstarter HERE.

NerdBurger Podcast

Craig and Mike will continue to do the NerdBurger Podcast during the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter. As always, these one-hour episodes will go up every Wednesday. Check 'em out!

These episodes won't focus solely on Murders & Acquisitions, but I'm sure we'll discuss it at least a little bit during each one. These episodes will feature several regular guests who are big supporters of M&A (some of whom have done design work for the game). And we'll have a couple special guests on who did design work for the game.

"RPG Academy" Podcast

Craig was on the RPG Academy podcast to discuss Murders & Acquisitions and the game's Kickstarter.

A review of Murders & Acquisitions from the fine people at the RPG Academy is available HERE.


If you live near Dayton, Ohio, you should consider going to AcadeCon, November 11-13. It's been running for a few years and growing each time. They recently ran a successful Kickstarter to help them fund the convention, allowing them to bring all sorts of special guests to the con.

I backed the AcadeCon Kickstarter for the privilege of having Murders & Acquisitions and NerdBurger Games featured on a table topper. One of the tables in the game hall is sponsored by me. This will provide a bit of advertising a few weeks before the game becomes available to the public.

Thoughty Blog

Brie Sheldon at the Thoughty Blog conducted a short text interview with Craig. You can find it HERE. Be sure to check out her other blog posts and interviews.

"All Games Considered" Podcast

Craig was a guest on the All Games Considered podcast to discuss Murders & Acquisitions and the game's Kickstarter.

"Skirmish Supremacy" Podcast

Craig was a guest on the Skirmish Supremacy podcast to discuss Murders & Acquisitions and the game's Kickstarter.

Altered Confusion's "Thursday Night Hangout" Twitch Show

Craig will be a guest on the Thursday Night Hangout on Thursday, May 19th. The show starts at 8pm Eastern Time. We'll discuss the heck out of Murders & Acquisitions and the game's Kickstarter. Drop by and join the fun. The episode can be found HERE.

"Wrecking Crew" Podcast

Craig was a guest on the Wrecking Crew podcast to discuss Murders & Acquisitions and the game's Kickstarter.

"The Tome Show" Podcast

Craig was a guest on The Tome Show podcast (on their "Round Table" podcast series) to discuss Murders & Acquisitions and the game's Kickstarter. My interview is the second half of the episode.


Craig brought Murders & Acquisitions to MomoCon last year and had a great time. He'll do it again this year.

Craig will attend MomoCon (May 26-29, 2016 in Atlanta, GA). He will run one-hour demos of M&A on both Friday and Saturday from 10am-6pm and on Sunday from 10am-3pm. (He might hang around for a bit in the evening as well, but it depends on how the Kickstarter is going and whether he needs to take some time to manage the Kickstarter.) No sign-up necessary. Just pull up a chair and play. He'll teach the rules and run a short scenario. All materials will be provided.

WackedKid47 YouTube Channel

WackedKid47 interviewed me on Friday. He'll be recording a one hour demo on Saturday. Check out his YouTube Channel.

The interview is up HERE.

The recording of the one-hour demo is HERE.

M&A Featured in ENWorld Column

Blogger AngusA has started up a new column at ENWorld. The second entry, available HERE, features Murders & Acquisitions, along with a variety of other cool RPG Kickstarters currently underway.

RPGnet Q&A Chat

Craig was on the RPGnet Q&A Chat Room on Friday, June 3rd from 9pm-11pm Eastern Time. The transcript for the chat can be found HERE.