Progress Potpourri, Part 3

It's artwork time again here at NerdBurger Games.

Below, you'll find three more Murders & Acquisitions illustrations provided by some super-cool artists. These illustrations will be featured in the Kickstarter video next year and will appear in the final game book. Links send you to the artists' online portfolios.

First we have a stuffed shirt taking a stapler shot from a distance. Don't worry. He probably deserved it. This piece was created by Quinn McSherry.

Next up is an array of weapons available in the world of Murders & Acquisitions. Pretty much anything can be used as a weapon in M&A (plus, the game welcomes using odd items as weapons), so this illustration is intended to be something of a spoof of weapon illustrations found in other games. This illustration was drawn by Jen Sorrell. Jen's online portfolio is under development. I'll link to it when she says it's ready.

Finally we have the first half-page illustration I've commissioned for M&A. It features a trio of stalwart souls fighting a tech dragon. It's also the first piece I've had done built around the modular add-on rules (magic and monsters) which will be available in the game. This illustration was crafted by Becca Gowdy.

All seven of the artists I've brought on board have gone above and beyond in their work for my little game. They've been incredibly collaborative and professional in all dealings. I look forward to working with them more in the future. My profound thanks to all of them.

So now you ask me, "What about the cover illustration?" It's coming. Stay tuned.