Progress Potpourri, Part 2

I'm pleased to share three Murders & Acquisitions illustrations provided to me by some very talented artists. These illustrations will be featured in the Kickstarter video next year and will appear in the final game book. Links send you to the artists' online portfolios.

First up is a dour, disgruntled custodian cleaning up after a very heated and potentially deadly discussion in a conference room. That's how characters in M&A roll. This illustration was created by James McLaughlin.

Next is a fine fop of a fellow discussing a list of infractions and punishments at his firm. Note that "Termination" means EXACTLY THAT in the world of Murders & Acquisitions. The illustration was done by Jason Moser.

Finally, we have a shot of a lovely lady who has had JUST. ABOUT. ENOUGH! Of your crap. She has decided to exact some vengeance with a blade snapped from a table-top paper cutter. This illustration was drawn by Beth Varni.

More illustrations to come in the not-too-distant future!