The Last Six Weeks

Before I share more artwork (and believe me, it's coming), I thought I'd give you a glimpse into what I've been up to lately outside of the artwork.

My Lack of Recent Game Writing

I've been lax on writing game material over the past several weeks. Instead, I've been concentrating on some other things that needed tending as I move Murders & Acquisitions forward. As evidenced by some of the more recent blog posts, artwork has been happening. In addition, I've gotten a handful of people on board to write actual game content for the book.

As of a couple months ago, I figured I had about 20,000 words of material left to write for the game. My plan is to have everything written by the end of the year so that I can give the whole project an editorial pass early in 2016 and then hand it off to a professional editor to fine-tune everything.

20,000 words is quite a lot of work. So I farmed out specific portions I felt others could write to help me with that 20,000 word goal. As it turns out, my friends have great ideas and have worked very hard to help me whittle that word count down.

My cadre of game designers has produced roughly 7600 words of fun, entertaining, super-cool game content so far. Snippets of some of that work is available in previous blog posts. Expect to see more of it in the coming weeks and months.

There's another 6950 words of game content in the works. This total includes more company write-ups, monsters, and a whole section on nanotech. Additionally, one of my buddies is writing a piece of short fiction describing a confrontation between two people in the world of M&A.

This word count tally comes to 14,550 words.

Looking at my current game design workload, I have about 10,000 words left to write myself. What the hell, you say! The numbers don't work out. How can you have 10,000 words left of 20,000 words when you've got almost 15,000 words of content coming from others.

It's simple. My writer brain went overboard and came up with another idea for a roughly 5000 word modular rule add-on. Current rule add-ons include Magic, Monsters, Cybertech, and Cosmic Horror.

What is the Plural of "Apocalypse?"

The new bit is Apocalypse rules. Yep, that's right, Murders & Acquisitions is moving into the apocalypse. What exactly is an apocalypse in M&A game terms? You'll have to wait and see. But I expect it will involve variations on TYPES of apocalypses (THAT'S the plural), radiation mutations, and some freaky post-apocalyptic monsters. And maybe some other stuff.

These five modular rule add-ons will be part of the stretch goal action of the Kickstarter. The base funding goal will cover the basic game without any of these fantastical elements, which is still a fun game unto itself. As we over-fund, the modular rule add-ons will be added to the game. More game content. More artwork. More options for how you can play Murders & Acquisitions. A bigger and better game book!

Thank you for perusing my ramblings. I'm striving to keep you informed on where M&A stands and hope that you're as excited as I am for the eventual publication of my little RPG.

Check back here for more info in the coming weeks. More artwork is coming, including the cover art and a fancy game title design for the cover.