Progress Potpourri, Part 4

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone! To celebrate, I'm gonna share a few more things that have rolled in from my little helpers. These fine folks have been helping develop content and tools for Murders & Acquisitions out of the kindness of their own hearts. Huzzah for them!

First up is another monster design from Tim Eagon. Tim has developed several monsters for the game. For many of these, I gave him the basic info for the monsters and he developed them from my notes. For the most recent round of design work, I gave him free reign on a few monsters. He came through with flying colors. Tim totally grasps the humor and tone of M&A, as evidenced by the following monster.

Next is a company write-up from Dale Gaus. The main game has several companies described and each of the modular rule add-ons includes a company crafted for the world in which that subset of rules and story exists. This company is part of the cosmic horror rule set.

Finally, we have the latest version of the form-fillable PDF character sheet designed by Andy Madsen. You can use it like a normal character sheet and just fill things out with pencil, of course, but this sheet is best used digitally. Pulldowns are provided for you to select your die type score for your skills. You can even track your character's Wellness, Wits, and Synergy Points with radio buttons down the right side of the sheet. The blue fields don't appear when you print out the sheet.

My hope for the next installment of Progress Potpourri is to provide a look at the game title design and overall graphic design of the final book.

Back to designing, methinks.