M&A Game Title Final Design

This past weekend was a very productive one for me and my graphic designer, Jen.

Back on November 5th, I shared her ideas for the game title design. I reviewed all of them, consulted with some friends, and chose the one I'm going to go with for the game. Jen and I went back and forth on details and finalized the game title design this past Saturday. Once again, Jen was the consummate professional. Lots of options. Great collaboration.

My friend Mike (who has a keen eye for graphics) noted that the selected design did everything that the other "keyboard-based" options did, but did so in the simplest, cleanest way possible. So that's what I went with. It also has the added benefit of being usable for chapter titles, especially if they include an ampersand. I can even play with what's on the keyboard key for chapter titles that don't use an ampersand. I'll have to give some thought to the chapter titles to discover the best way to utilize this title design in each of them.

Here's the game title design.

Once this was nailed down, Jen and I turned our efforts to the book's front and back covers. The remainder of Saturday and a portion of Sunday were spent with her providing options and the two of us discussing things. The front and back cover design are more or less nailed down, though there may be some slight tweaks.

I'll reveal the cover illustration and front cover design in the coming weeks.