Progress Potpourri, Part 5

For the past several weeks, I've been sharing game content and illustrations created by a bunch of people who are not me. This really isn't surprising, given that I've had so much content coming in over the past couple months. My "M&A Work Time" has been mostly filled with this other content. That said, I've been designing stuff, too.

It's high time I share some of my own recent (and not so recent) design work for Murders & Acquisitions. The core rules are mostly set, though they're going through a revision this weekend (huzzah, four-day Thanksgiving weekend). But there's a lot of modular rule add-on stuff that I can share now. Each of the following excerpts is a small portion of the modular rule add-ons that will be part of the stretch goals for Murders & Acquisitions next year. These add-ons bring a wide variety of fantastical elements to the core game, allowing you and your players to expand the "basic world" of M&A. You can add any or all of these rules to create an M&A world filled with all sorts of fantastic elements.

First up are the "Homunculus" rules, which are part of the "Magic" add-on rules.

Next we have a couple of monsters for the "Monsters" add-on rules.

Here are a bunch of cyberware augmentations characters can have in the "Future Tech" add-on rules.

Finally, we have portions of the "Cosmic Horror" add-on rules. Insanity rules are part of the cosmic horror section. Incursions are areas of the real world where the influence of the cosmic horrors is felt in strange, disturbing ways.

So there you go.