Game Title Preliminary Design

There's a placeholder game title design on the home page of this website. I recently sent that image and some direction to my graphic designer, Jen, asking her to build upon that placeholder design and provide me with some options. She's provided me with several.

(Side Note: By "game title design," I mean the graphic that will adorn the front cover of the game book.)

This post is just a quickie to let you see what Jen has come up with so far. I'll be meeting with her this weekend to go over these designs and select the final version. The designs provided below are mostly b/w, but the final design will be in color. Jen will also be helping me work out the graphic design of the front and back covers, as well as the general design of the interior pages. She's an excellent graphic designer and I'm really looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with. (For the record, this is the same Jen who did the "weapon table" illustration provided in the previous blog post.)

As you can see, I have some decisions to make. But I'm sure Jen will help make the graphic design of the Murders & Acquisitions book pretty darn cool. This game just keeps chugging along.