I went to KingCon in Warner-Robins today. Ran a few tables. Gave the game pitch to some interested parties who couldn't stay for a demo. Handed out some business cards. Made some friends. And I can say with some certainty I locked in a few backers for the M&A Kickstarter.

And I made contact with the RPG Director at MGA Con in Macon. Looks like I may be doing a day or two there in February of next year. Details to come.

All in all, a good Saturday.  My thanks to Jason Hurst, who coordinated my appearance and promoted MA& with their crowd.

For those not in the know, KingCon is held at the Museum of Aviation, in one of the display hangars. A pretty damn cool room to host a show, I must say. Take a look.

And they had two of these on one end of the hangar. A little hard to read, but everything they have on tap is listed there hour by hour. Very cool.

Here's looking forward to another four (maybe five) convention visits before and during the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter.