AndoCon & Artists


This past weekend, I attended AndoCon. While there, I ran five demo tables of Murders & Acquisitions, hosted a panel on RPG freelancing/self-publishing, and recorded an episode of the NerdBurger Podcast.

Everything went really well. The podcast was a highlight, as it was last year. We had a small but enthusiastic crowd and more guests on the mic than we ever have with the podcast.

The best moments in the M&A games came from a fellow named Charlie. Charlie played in two demo sessions. In the first, he had his character kit-bash a contraption to try to short out the electrical system of the floor they were on, only to electrocute himself when he botched the roll. In the second session, as bug monsters crawled out of a dumpster, he tossed a Molotov cocktail in. Later in the fight, the dumpster came to life, grabbed his character with a trash tentacle and pulled him inside the monster’s dumpster body…which was on fire. Good times.

After I got home and added the names of my demo players to my master list and added six players from a new playtest group, I realized M&A has now been played by over 100 people. I hope to at least double that by the time the game goes to Kickstarter next year.

Pop on over to the gallery for some photos from the convention.


This week I’ve been in touch with my artists again to get some info for use in contracts (yeah, I’m learning how to write contracts) and find out who among them are comfortable doing likenesses in their illustrations.

I’m considering having a backer level where the backer can provide a photo or two and have their likeness in one the illustrations in the game book. So far, my artists all seem capable of doing likenesses, so it’s looking likely that will be a backer level. I just have to figure out how many slots I can offer, based on how many illustrations I’ll have that can have a person as the focus.