The One Year Plan

I’m shooting for Kickstarting Murders & Acquisitions in May of 2016. To that end, I established a one-year plan in June of this year.

In the one-year plan, I laid out everything I need to do in order to get the game in shape to Kickstart. For those interested, here’s what I’ve been up to for the past couple months.


I joined several Facebook groups dedicated to games, RPGs, Kickstarter, and so forth and began researching everything they could tell me. I compiled all of this information for future use. I started a (now long) list of websites to use as resources for Kickstarter, print-on-demand services, artwork, stock art, and a variety of other things. I rounded out the month by recruiting four people to write content for the book, one to do layout, and one to produce some PDF/digital tools. I also nailed down two potential editors. I contacted and lined up several artists.


I wrote a bunch of stuff for the game, including a re-work of magic and monsters, and then started playtesting that. I’ve got seven playtest groups running, plus my own group. I assigned content work to my four writer friends. I set up this website and filled it with all the content I could muster. And I met with my tax guy to discuss the tax implications of starting a small company. And I lined up another artist/graphic designer to help with the game title design and book cover graphic design. Finally, I lined up a video editor to make my Kickstarter video next year.


So far in August, I’ve ordered NerdBurger Games business cards, written more for the game, and pulled the blog page together. I’ve arranged an appearance at a convention in Milwaukee in January and am negotiating another one in the Macon area in December.

Later this month, I’ll be launching the website. (If you’re reading this, that has happened.) I’ll also email my artists with a few questions. I’ll nail down every piece of artwork I’ll need so I can get some artists going on a few pieces in September to use for promotion (including the cover art). And I’ll establish a checking account and paypal account for my company.

In Summary

A pretty busy three months, considering I’m also working a day job, playing in a game, doing a weekly podcast, and having something that at least resembles a social life. And it’s only going to get busier as I roll toward the end of the year. I’m hoping that all the hard work I put into getting the game pretty well squared away by the end of the year (playtest-influenced tweaks aside) will allow me to focus strongly on promotion and prepping for the Kickstarter in the early months of next year.

Here’s hoping.