First Glimpse - Artwork, Written Content, and Character Sheet


The first batch of artwork is in. Final ink work for the four archetype characters. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

These pieces were done by Ben Herrera. Ben is an accomplished illustrator who works in a wide variety of styles and media. He's done Marvel covers! His online portfolio can be found here. Ben is a joy to work with. He's collaborative, friendly, and excited to work on M&A.

Now that these four pieces are out of the way, he's starting on the cover illustration for the Murders & Acquisitions book. This will be a full color piece in the style of these b/w pieces featuring these four archetype characters along with another character.

I'll be using these archetypes as guidelines for six other artists, so they have an idea of the look they'll need to hit. In the next month or so, each of them will be doing a single b/w 1/4-page or 1/2-page piece that will go in the book, be used in promotional materials moving forward, and will also be featured in the Kickstarter video next year. Ben and the other artists will also provide additional illustrations for the book next year.

Enjoy the final archetype illustrations. It's a slideshow, so be sure to click through for all four images.

Written Content

Written design content is also rolling in. I've called upon four fine people to write game content for Murders & Acquisitions. They're writing up companies in the game world, monsters, magic items, and some short fiction. I've received finished assignments from them and am currently editing their work and requesting rewrites/tweaks as needed.

I thought I'd share a couple of monster write-ups from Tim Eagon. Tim is a part-time RPG design freelancer that I've known for a few years. He's written a bunch for D&D over the past several years and I'm happy to give him another game to add to his resume.

Here are the monsters. I really love Tim's monster designs. I haven't given them a full editing pass yet, but they're pretty solid as is, so here you go.

Form-Fillable PDF Character Sheets

My friend Andy has undertaken the task of learning how to create form-fillable PDFs so I can provide players with easy-to-use, tablet-compatible character sheets. Digital age and all that.

He's provided me with his first pass and I thought I'd share it here. It needs some tweaking and, truth be told, the character sheet might change a bit before the final game is ready. But it's a solid start. For the record, the blue fields and pulldowns for the die types don't show up when printed.

In the Future

As work progresses, I'll share more contributions from others as well as snippets of what I'm working personally.

Stay tuned.