Progress Potpourri, Part 1

I adore alliteration. Hence, this blog post's title.

Here's a quick glimpse into a few things being produced for M&A by a bunch of really cool people who have been helping me out. Everything presented below is in progress. Final version of artwork to come. Final text of game design content to be edited more fully.

First up, some magic items from my friend Dale. These will be part of the "Magic" modular rule add-on for the game.

Next, a portion of a write-up for a company in the game This will be part of the "Magic" modular rule add-on. MagiGlom was designed by my good friend and D&D DM, Ray.

Finally, the preliminary sketch for a stern woman bearing a sword outside a conference room. The artist is Beth Varni. Her online portfolio can be found here. The final illustration will be on the website in the near future.

So there you go.