Tweaking and Playtesting

Just a quick update.

Doing the Tweak(s)

In anticipation of handing the game manuscript off to my editor in February, I asked Rob Schwalb to give Murders & Acquisitions a read and critique. Rob is a pretty big name in the RPG design industry with many, many design credits and we've hung out a handful of times at conventions. He's cool people.

Rob said:

I wasn’t sure what I was going to get when Craig sent over the files for Murders & Acquisitions, but I can happily report it’s a fun little game perfect for roleplaying through the madness and murkiness of corporate America. The game engine looks fast-paced and dice rolling features several neat tricks to make task resolution more than just pass-fail. Recommended.

Quick note: Rob created a super-cool game called Shadow of the Demon Lord a year or so ago. He used Kickstarter to make it happen and has been sending a crap ton of cool stuff to backers (yours truly included) over the past year.

Go visit his game company, Schwalb Entertainment. You can buy his game all of over the place.

Rob came back at me with a significant number of comments, so I'm busy incorporating them into my game write-up. I don't agree with everything he had to say, but there's plenty in there that's worth considering and a few that absolutely NEED to happen. I can't believe I missed some of those things. Thanks, Rob.

I hope this effort will make Chris' editing job a little easier.

Final Playtests

I've finished the final design on things that need playtesting. I've sent it off to some folks to try out. I don't expect there to be too much to modify based on this feedback as I have a pretty good handle on how the mechanics interact with each other. But playtesting is a necessity. So here we go one last time.

Once the game goes to editing, there will likely be very little change in the game design, though there will be little tweaks to flavor and the like right up until the end.

This little game is coming together. I'm getting to the point where the schedule is far less malleable than it was previously and I'm starting to panic a bit.

Wish me luck.

Hopefully the next blog post will have some more artwork. Waiting on one illustrator to finish up.