Capers Glimpse - Atlantic City

Hello, loyal blog followers,

I've been dealing with a lot of layout stuff for Murders & Acquisitions, but that hasn't stopped me from moving Capers forward. The initial rule set is pretty much squared away (being reviewed by a few friends for blatant inaccuracies and omissions) and GM info has mostly been dealt with. I've created six pre-gen characters and started working on the first playtest adventure.

I expect to hand documents over to playtesters by the end of the year. Then the real fun begins.

For now, I have some glimpses of what's in store. Below, you will find three pages of Capers info on Atlantic City. I plan to include extensive info on Atlantic City, Chicago, and New York in the game book, along with tidbits of info on other major cities. Each of the major city write-ups will include history, info on local organizations, locales, people (with stat blocks), and so forth.

This is the beginning of the Atlantic City stuff. It's nowhere near complete, but it should whet your appetite. 

That's it for now. Blog at you soon.