Progress Potpourri, Part 9

Manuscript Revisions

Lately, I've been working on my final edit of the game manuscript, based on Rob Schwalb's review. Rob commented that the first page of the game needs to tell you everything you need to know about how the game is played, at least in a rudimentary fashion. I need to convince the reader to read on. I hope my revision fits that bill.

Here's a look at the first page of the game.

Kickstarter Video

I've also been compiling direction, images, sound, and video for the Kickstarter video. My friend, Michelle, is a video editor by trade. She has given me the "friends & family" rate for composing a 90-second Kickstarter video.

Thanks, Michelle. I'll be sending everything to you very soon.

Here's a shot of the final design of the M&A character sheet, filled out as if I were a character in the game. This image will be in the Kickstarter video.

This character sheet design will also get a form-fillable PDF treatment from my friend Andy. He's been kind enough to learn how to create form-fillable PDFs so I don't have to.

Front Cover Illustration

Recently, I decided to have the front cover illustration for M&A re-done in a more detailed style. The first version of the cover illustration was fine. It was exactly what I asked for from the artist. But, as time went by and I saw more work from my artists, I decided that the cover needed more detail. The front cover is arguably the most important illustration in the book.

So I had it re-done. I've received the final version of this revised front cover illustration and I'll share it in the coming weeks.

For now, this is just a teaser. Sorry. You'll have to wait.