Progress Potpourri, Part 10

Lots going on lately.

I've been working my way through my final edit before sending the game off for professional editing. I'm about halfway done. Truth be told, the most arduous part is done. The "All About the Game" and "Rules System" sections needed the most work. I re-ordered almost everything so that it flows better and tells the reader how to play the game in an intuitive, sequential order. This required re-writing some things. But I think I have it all under control.

I contracted an artist to re-do the front cover illustrations as well as five archetype character illustrations. These archetypes will appear in the book with a character rundown, completed character sheet, and an illustration. New players can play one of these characters with ease.

My graphic designer has been finalizing the graphic work for the game, including creating more company logos and revising the front and back cover graphic design.

And I've been working on a few additional items to join the stretch goal list. Most of the stretch goals will involve five sets of add-on rules that allow players to incorporate fantastic elements like magic, monsters, and future tech into the game. But there will be some other stuff, including a handy "Employee Rules Poster" which summarizes the basic rules of the game for the players as well as a "Supervisor Screen" for those Supervisors who want to have some of the most useful rules info right there in front of them.

Company Logos

My graphic designer, Jen, has created more company logos. SuperMegaHappyCorp is a, well, super mega happy corporation...that uses brainwashing and drugs to keep their employees super-mega-happy. MagiGlom is the magically-inclined company provided in the Magic rule set (a stretch goal). Etamin Capital Management is part of the Monsters rule set (a stretch goal).

Pages From the Book

Here's the first page of Chapter 2, which covers the rule system.

And here's a page from Chapter 3, which covers magic. This page sample includes four spells that are available to spellcasting characters.


Here's the new illustration for Bob, a data entry clerk and bruiser. He's rough and tumble, but has a soft spot for kittens.

Supervisor Screen

The Supervisor Screen will be comprised of two pages that contain the most useful and often looked up game info. There are a variety of companies out there that produce "generic GM screens" with clear plastic pockets that you can slip pages into. I'll provide a Supervisor Screen in both landscape and portrait orientations to accommodate different types of "generic GM screens." Here's one page.

So there you go. Lots more to do. I'm gonna get back to work.