Progress Potpourri, Part 11

Murders & Acquisitions progress is running apace. Lots going on. The next several weeks are gonna be crazy busy for me. Running demos at two conventions (with all the associated prep). Kickstarter video under development. My final edits wrapping up (before I send the manuscript to my professional editor). Kickstarter page development.

So I figured I'd throw a blog post up now. So that I can take a break from blogging for JUST a little while.


A while back, I premiered the revised illustration for Bob, an archetype character. Here's the revised illustration for Zoey, the techie archetype character. She's a master hacker who loves her some Styx. All of the revised archetype illustrations were done by Beth Varni.


My friend Ray designed a bunch of stuff for the game. Ray is one of my best friends and a great GM and designer. I'm very happy he volunteered to bring his imagination to Murders & Acquisitions. I gave him an assignment to develop three types of demons for the Monsters rules add-on. Here are his designs for two of those demons. Fun (and evil) stuff.

NPCs and Appendices

At the end of the book, there will be a few appendices providing info for readers. There will be a glossary of RPG game terms used in Murders & Acquisitions. There will be an index of monsters based on "power level" for whatever rule add-on sections get added through stretch goals. And there will be an NPC index which lists all of the NPCs provided in the game, based on "power level."

Following is a list of the NPCs that are provided in the GM section of the book. In the GM section, the NPCs are organized alphabetically. This index provides a complete list based on "power level." For your understanding, a "peon" is a weak NPC. A "drone" is tougher. A "shaker" (as in "mover and shaker") is even tougher, as tough and skilled as a typical PC.

The stat blocks are generic, in a way. Each provides game statistics that GMs can use for those types of NPCs. The GM can tailor the provided NPCs as they see fit. Anyway, here's the index of generic NPCs provided in the book. I might add a few more before all is said and done.

And here are a few of those NPC stat blocks.

And that's it for now.