Progress Potpourri, Part 12

I've been out of town for work (in Puerto Rico!) for several days, so this blog post is coming later than I would have liked. But here it is.

Middle Georgia Comic Convention

I attended the Middle Georgia Comic Convention on Saturday, February 20th to run Murders & Acquisitions demos and talk up the game. I was in the gaming room of a small comic convention, so traffic was light. But I ran a few tables and talked to some people who couldn't hang around for a full hour.

Near the end, a dad, his daughter, and his nephew stopped by. I talked to them about tabletop RPGs and described how M&A wasn't really appropriate for the kiddies. But I recommended they check out No Thank You, Evil from Monte Cook Games. And the four of us played a round of Ocean Party, the card game I designed for my niece. They loved it. Too bad it's not a real game for them to purchase.

The Numbers

As of Middle Georgia Comic Convention, my demo/playtester count rose to 125. I expect to push that over 150 for sure, maybe over 175, and MAYBE as high as 200 by the time I go to AndoCon, OutlantaCon, and MomoCon in the next few months. has seen an average of about 70 unique visitors each month for the past several months. I'd like that to go higher, so please share this blog around and say some nice things about the site and my little RPG. Thanks.

I've got a bit over 10 weeks to get the M&A Kickstarter ready. I've nailed down the times and will announce the specifics in the near future. The Kickstarter will run for 28 days.

All right, time for some more book content.

Company Logos

The last of the company logos have come in from Jen, my graphic designer.

Mondo-Tech is the company described in the Future Tech add-on rules section. Mondo-Tech specializes in creating all manner of cybertech and nanotech. Their logo is electrifying.

Blackwell & Thorne is the company described in the Cosmic Horror add-on rules set. For B&T, Jen created a simple, classic logo.



Joining the previous revised archetype illustrations (Bob and Zoey) is Ricardo. What Ricardo lacks in physicality he makes up for in a suave demeanor and an acute understanding of human behavior. Ricardo is a sweet-talker.

Interior Page Design

Jen finalized graphic design for the interior pages of the book a little while back. It's a simple design that is meant to hearken to M&A being a game about people working in a (cut-throat) office. The chapter title tab on top will be on the outer edge of each page. Here's a sample, filled with Latin placeholder text. The game will not be written in Latin.

What's next for Craig? Prepping for AndoCon. I'll be premiering the revised front cover and announcing the Kickstarter dates for Murders & Acquisitions. Demos. Schmoozing. A podcast recording. I'm really looking forward to it.

I also have to get moving on creating the Kickstarter page. I'll have many weeks to create the page, but this is the first time I've done this, so I expect it to be a little stop-and-go as I figure out how everything works.

Wish me luck.