Memory Lane

As I write this on March 29th, it's my birthday. I'm not one for doing anything big for my birthday. Sometimes I take the day off from work (not this year). Sometimes I grab dinner with a few close friends (sometimes on the weekend before or after my actual birthday). But I always find myself looking back on my life, examining what's happened to me, thinking in depth about how I got where I am.

This year, with the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter looming, I find myself looking back to the earliest stages of M&A development. I took a trip down Memory Lane and perused the very first version of M&A.

I thought I'd invite you to join me down there on Memory Lane to take a look at where M&A began.

The first version of the M&A rules ran about eight pages (the final book will run MANY pages more than that), all in bullet-point outline form. My earliest playtesters (friends of mine) might recognize these pages from the first playtest document I sent out, back in November of 2013.

Character Sheet

First up are two pages from the character sheet section of that initial pass at the rules. There were 16 skills back then (12 now). Many skill names have changed, though some have remained. The overall layout of what's there has changed significantly. Things have been changed or renamed. Other things have been dropped entirely. Designing an RPG is a process. It's interesting to me to see how MUCH it has changed in the past two-plus years.

Game System

And here we have two pages of the game system. The basic rule system hasn't changed too much on the macro-level. But there have been many changes on the micro-level. Renaming of things. Tweaking of how some things work. Fine-tuning. And of course, a crapload of additional rules, GM advice, etc.

I'm quite proud of what I've managed to do over the past two-plus years. I've designed a few games in the past, but Murders & Acquisitions is the first one that gained enough traction to move forward with publishing. Of course, the advent of self-publishing and crowdfunding had a lot to do with that. Yay, progress!

I think I'll kick back and take it easy for the rest of my evening. Lots to do in preparation for the Kickstarter (starting Tuesday, May 10th), but for now, I'm gonna enjoy my time here on Memory Lane.