A quick blog post before I shift focus to getting ready for AndoCon next weekend.

I'm working my way through everything I need to send to Mike, my layout guy. I'm THIS close to having everything ready to go. I've written up the directions, covering all sorts of things. I've assembled all of the current illustrations along with placeholder images for illustrations yet to be done. My graphic designer has the InDesign template completely under control.

I should be ready to send everything to Mike in the very near future.

Charts and Graphs!

While figuring out the layout plan, I've come to realize that there will almost certainly be some spots in the book where there is some white space. Pages might need to end with a little white space before the next big section begins. So I'm developing some images to supplement the illustrations in the book.

When I first came up with the idea for Murders & Acquisitions, I realized that I could include fun charts and graphs that describe things about the game with a sense of humor. I've spent some time this past week working on a few of them. Enjoy the slideshow below.


My friend Ando and his wife Katie Mae have been incredibly supportive of my efforts with M&A. They host a small, yearly convention in the Atlanta area which I've attended a few times and I'm going again next weekend.

As it turns out, AndoCon 2016 falls at the perfect point in the year for me to use it as a "Kickoff to the Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter" in May. I'll be hosting a little get-together after the opening ceremonies on Friday to share my plans for the Kickstarter, including announcing the start and end dates and showing off the Kickstarter video.

Additionally, I'll be running demos of the game and recording the THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY episode of the NerdBurger Podcast.

I've also worked things out with the people at Epic Gaming Party to run a special 2-hour M&A event on Saturday morning that will be live-streamed on Twitch and recorded for future viewing. This special event will run 10am-noon Eastern Time on Saturday. March 12. Check it out. I'll link to the online recording of it once it's up.

I'm really looking forward to this convention. It's been a great time every time I've attended in the past and I'm sure this year will be even better.