While I Wait...

Carol Darnell, Editor #2, is wrapping up her work. She says I'll see the edited manuscript tomorrow sometime. Once I get that back, I have to review it, add a few edits I've logged and set aside, and then give the entire manuscript one more read-through.

After that, it'll go to layout. Mike, get ready. Oh, and I've completed the character sheets for the five archetype characters that will be in the book. So those will go to Mike, too.

While I wait for Carol, I've been plinking away at a few things.

PDF Support Materials

Most of what I've been doing lately involves various PDF support materials that will be provided to Kickstarter backers along with the game itself.

I've revised the GM screen inserts and Employee Rules reference one-sheet for final wording of the game content.

I've lined up all the adventures that will be offered, figuring out which ones will get the full treatment for the support materials. There's quite a bit to be done there. Several of the playtest adventures were written in a different format than what I'll be using for the final works. But I've gone through one and formatted it completely to get a handle on things. Over the next few weeks, I'll reformat, re-write, and tweak the remaining adventures. I've generated a format for the cover page for these adventures and I'll have to create cover pages for all of the adventures.

I've also gotten a handle on a series of pre-gen characters that I'll provide as support material. These character sheets will be in addition to the five archetype character sheets provided in the book. They'll focus on characters that use some of the modular add-on rules. As stretch goals are hit to unlock these additional rule sets, backers will also get some pre-gen characters using those rules.


I created a matrix of all of the artwork left to be done, which artist is doing which illustrations, what each illustration entails, and which ones are potentials for having a backer get their likeness in the illustration (the highest backer reward level give the backer this perk).

I spent time working out the types of characters that will feature in each illustration with the intent of making sure a wide variety of character types are represented. Gender. Race/ethnicity. Body type. Handicap. Etc. I'm doing everything I can to ensure M&A is a game that is inclusive of the varieties of people who might want to play the game. Anyone can be a cut-throat corporate go-getter with no scruples in Murders & Acquisitions. Just like in real life.

And then I wrote up all of the art orders and created all of the artist contracts. There will be some tweaks based on backers signing up for the level that provides for their likeness in an illustration. But I can't do anything with that until the Kickstarter is over. I expect to be able to send out all art orders the day after the Kickstarter wraps.

Kickstarter Prep

I've created the first pass at a schedule of all the things I'll be doing during the run of the Kickstarter. Where and when I can post to forums and FB groups. When I'll announce support materials. A breakdown of things I'll need to say in backer Updates as the KS rolls forward.

I've made a list of a few podcasts I can try to get on to promote the game and the Kickstarter. If you have any suggestions for podcasts that interview independent RPG designers about their games and Kickstarters, email me at nerdburgergames@gmail.com.


I've started generating threads and posts for a variety of RPG forums and FB groups and getting word out about the game and the Kickstarter. Hopefully I'm finding some new potential backers in these posts. Again, if you have suggestions for forums or FB groups I can post on to build awareness of the game and Kickstarter, email me at nerdburgergames@gmail.com.

That's about it for now. Hang in there.

The Murders & Acquisitions Kickstarter is coming on Tuesday, May 10th.

Make a note. Or put it on your calendar. Or do whatever it is you do to remind yourself about fun RPGs.