Kickstarter Countdown - 2 Weeks to Go

Here's what's up with my Kickstarter prep.

I'll post another blog in one week. Then a blog when the Kickstarter goes live on Tuesday, May 10th.

Kickstarter Backer Involvement - The Mid-Campaign Lull

The typical successful Kickstarter gets approximately 1/3 of its backer dollars in the first three days and another 1/3 in the final three days. The remaining 1/3 comes during the "dip" in between those two periods. In an effort to keep backers engaged during this lull, I'm planning on some fun interactive stuff.

I'm currently tossing around ideas for getting the backers involved in creating content for the game. Not for the book itself, but for the PDF Support Materials that will be provided for free to all backers who back at the PDF backer level or higher. Here are some potential ideas.

Create an NPC - I'll release a Character Creation Rules PDF, a Creating NPCs PDF, an NPC stat block Word doc, examples of NPC stat blocks in the book, and instructions to backers. Backers can create a generic NPC in the style of the ones in the book. I’ll compile them into a supplemental PDF of additional NPCs.

Create a Pre-Gen Character - I'll release a Character Creation Rules PDF, the form-fillable PDF character sheet, an example pre-gen character PDF, and instructions. Backers can create a pre-gen character. I’ll compile them into a selection of pre-gen character PDFs.

Create a NerdBurger Burger - I'll release a copy of the NerdBurger photo from the NerdBurger Podcast website, a copy of the stylized version of this photo used in the NerdBurger Games logo, and instructions. Backers can create their own illustration of the NerdBurger Burger in their own style or themed for something like Halloween, etc. The best ones will get rotated into the NerdBurger Podcast and NerdBurger Games websites over the course of the next year.

My Kickstarter Schdedule

You can go to the Schedule page to see a list of conventions, chats, and podcasts I'll be involved with during the Kickstarter period. The Schedule page will be updated as I nail down dates/times for more podcasts and the like.

I'm also creating a schedule as a "to do list" for the Kickstarter period. Here's what part of it looks like so far. Blue text indicates podcasts/chats/conventions. Red text indicates things still to be scheduled.

More to come in a week. Game on!