Kickstarter Countdown - 1 Week to Go

Kickstarter prep continues apace. Working on support materials for the game. Scheduling podcast appearances. Creating a Facebook presence for NerdBurger Games. And all sorts of other little stuff.

The Kickstarter begins on Tuesday, May 10th.

I'll post a link in a blog post here as well as on the homepage when it's live.

NerdBurger Games Facebook Page

This comes later than I probably SHOULD have done it, but that's how it worked out.

You can find the NerdBurger Games FB page HERE.

M&A Kickstarter Banner

I've created a banner announcing the Kickstarter that I've put on the homepage here. It's also on my personal FB page and the NerdBurger Games FB page. It will ALSO show up on the RPG Kickstarter News FB Group once the Kickstarter goes live.

This is what it looks like. Excellent illustrations by Beth Varni and Becca Gowdy. Excellent game title graphcs by Jen Sorrell. Mediocre banner layout by me.

Promotions Schedule

Check the Schedule page here for a complete listing of podcasts, videocasts, and chats I'll be involved in during the Kickstarter. They list the days I'll be recording the podcast/whatever. As I get info on when each episode will go live, I'll update the Schedule page.

As of today, I'm scheduled for four podcasts (not including the NerdBurger Podcast), one videocast, and one online chat. A few more possibilities are in the works. It turns out I'm a marketing whore.

If YOU have any suggestions for podcasts I can appear on, drop me a line at I'm gonna hit as many as I can.

PDF Support Materials

Everyone who backs the Kickstarter at the PDF level or higher will get a bunch of additional PDF support materials for the game. There will be GM screen pages that you can slot into those generic GM screen dealies with clear pockets. There will be adventures. There will be some other things, but I need to nail ail those down before I announce them. I'll announce support materials on the Kickstarter page during the course of the KS period to keep interest and conversation going.

Note that all of these PDF support materials will be FREE if you back at the game PDF backer level or higher. You won't have to back at a special higher level to get the extra stuff.

Here's what the GM screen pages look like (landscape version).

I think that's it for now. One week to go. Lots left to finish.

I don't expect to blog again until the Kickstarter goes live in one week. I hope you'll get in on the ground floor and help me and my team make Murders & Acquisitions a reality.

See you in the Kickstarter.