A Very Long Weekend

Other than recording another episode of the NerdBurger Podcast on Saturday, my weekend was pretty open. That time filled up very quickly. Here's a rundown of what's been happening.

Editor #1 Down

I received edited manuscripts from Chris Sims a few days ago. This weekend, I delved into his work, which consisted of editing the entirety of the core rules of the game. This includes the intro, chapter 1, which deal with character creation, and chapter 2, which contains the core rules. In addition, Chris did some editing for portions of five other chapters. I chose him for these assignments for a reason.

I've known Chris a long time, though we've only hung out in person a few times at conventions. He was one of the developer/editors at Wizards of the Coast who worked with me numerous times when my RPG freelance career really took off, back in 2009. I'm not even sure how many of my freelance projects saw Chris' hand in development/editing, but I'm sure it's in double digits.

Chris is a talented RPG designer, developer, editor, and a great person to boot. He offered advice, pointed me to freelancing resources, and (most importantly) was incredibly supportive of my burgeoning RPG freelance side-career. I have saved several email conversations with Chris from those days and I peruse them regularly to remind myself what makes RPG design good. (Many of the comments from his work on M&A will join those email conversations as reminders for my future work.)

I'm thrilled that Chris decided to help out with Murders & Acquisitions. His commentary, editing, and friendship has helped make M&A a better game.

Editor #2 Up

Once I assimilated all of Chris' work, I set out to coordinate a CRAP-TON of stuff across all of the M&A documents. That took many hours this weekend.

I've just sent the fruits of those labors to my second editor, Carol Darnell. She'll be editing another big chunk of M&A in the coming days.

I came across Carol as a recommendation from Eloy LaSanta from Third Eye Games. Eloy is a hardworking, prolific, and talented RPG designer and very cool guy who I finally got the chance to meet in person this past January.

Carol will be doing the last of the editing work for M&A over the next week or so. Once she turns over her work, I'll review it, coordinate everything, and, well...that will be it. M&A will be ready for layout. (Get ready, layout guy Mike!)

If you enjoy gaming podcasts, you might recognize Carol as one of the co-hosts at All Games Considered. I expect to be on that show sometime during the M&A Kickstarter period to get a chance to talk to her directly and pimp the heck out of my game.

So Now What?

There's still plenty for me to do. Over the course of April, I'll be writing art orders and contracts, revising adventures for the final rule set, tweaking other PDF support materials, and getting ready for the M&A Kickstarter starting Tuesday, May 10th.

As I've rolled through the process of designing my own RPG and prepared it for publication, I've discovered a lot of things and learned many lessons. Never before has it been more apparent that my previous RPG designer work only prepared me for this endeavor in a small way. I've worn many hats and learned many new skills over the past several months.

I look forward the the next RPG from NerdBurger Games being at least a LITTLE easier to deal with.

Of course, this is wishful thinking. I'm sure there will be some surprises coming next time around.

And, truth be told, I'm ready.

Bring it on!