Second Stretch Goal Hit!

Hey, all. It's been a hectic ten days. Some slow bits dotted in there, but otherwise things have been moving swimmingly. We funded and hit two stretch goals in ten days. I have no doubt we'll hit the remaining stretch goals. Share the game around with your friends, family, and enemies. The more we fund, the bigger and better your M&A experience will be.

Lots to share. Buckle in.


Those sixteen CORNER OFFICE... backer levels filled up quickly. I've begun contacting backers who selected one of these two backer levels and have begun compiling their illustration decisions and requesting reference photos for the artists. It turns out there are plenty of people who want to see themselves illustrated in the game book.

Additional Backer Level?

I'm toying with the idea of creating a backer level a bit above the FULL BENEFITS level where the backer gets one of the NPCs named for them. This isn't a re-design of the NPC to simulate the backer. It's just a renaming. The NPCs are built around particular stories being told in the fictional companies at which they work.

Are you interested in seeing such a backer level? How much would you "up" your pledge to have yourself (sort of) immortalized as a nefarious NPC in the game? Go to the Comments section of the KS page and chime in. If enough people are interested, I'll create a new backer level...though it will only accommodate a limited number of backers. I only have so many NPCs that I can rename.

Ordering Additional Hard Copies?

A few backers have inquired about how they might order additional physical copies of the game beyond the one they get with the FULL BENEFITS and higher backer levels. I was planning to simply point people to when the game is available there.

However, I COULD create an option that would allow backers to select an "add-on" that would let them get additional copies of the game for a better price now through the Kickstarter.

Are you interested in ordering additional physical copies? If so, go to the Comments section of the Kickstarter page and chime in. If enough people show interest, I'll look into options to accommodate this.

My Podcast/Videocast Appearances and Blogger Interviews

The RPG Academy posted their interview with me on May 17 as part of their Show and Tell series. Check it out. One of the fine folks at the RPG Academy is also doing a written review of the game. Coming soon.

I appeared on the Altered Confusion Thursday Night Hangout last night. It's a twitch show so you can both HEAR and SEE me talk about M&A, game design, and running a Kickstarter. We hit the second stretch goal DURING the videocast as one viewer did something I considered pretty unlikely to happen with my little Kickstarter.

Brie Sheldon at the Thoughty Blog conducted a short text interview with me. Enjoy. And check out her other blog posts and interviews.

I have also recorded podcasts with the All Games Considered and Skirmish Supremacy podcasts. Keep an eye on the Schedule page for updates on when these podcast episodes go live. 

Other People Promos

The RPG Academy guys recently wrapped a successful Kickstarter to help fund AcadeCon. Their success means they'll have a whole slew of great RPG guests at their convention. If you live anywhere near Dayton, Ohio, you should consider going to AcadeCon in November. It's RPG-focused and is a great show.

Check out the Kickstarter for the ANKUR: Kingdom of the Gods RPG. It's got a really cool theme and boasts some terrific artwork. I've met the creator (he's been on the NerdBurger Show podcast with me a couple times) and is a truly passionate RPG designer. Give him some love.

Final Words

Be sure to check the Schedule page and KS Audio Journal pages for continuing info on everything M&A. And if you've already backed, check the KS Updates and Comments section.

That's it for now. Game on, my little Murderers and Acquirers.