Third Stretch Goal Hit! Plus Ordering Additional Copies!

We've hit the third stretch goal, ensuring Future Tech appears in Murders & Acquisitions. Your characters can have brain jacks, cornea cams, and nanotech treatments. And you can fight a ninjabot or five.

(Actually, as fate would have it, right after I updated the Kickstarter page, someone cancelled their pledge. Ugh. It happens. I'm gonna call the stretch goal hit cuz I'm sure someone will jump on board soon.)

Ordering Additional Copies of the Book

There's now an option for ordering additional copies of the game book. See the "Ordering Additional Copies of the Book" section on the main Kickstarter page.

The additional copies cost less than the initial copy you get at the FULL BENEFITS backer level or higher. That initial copy is, in turn, cheaper than the book will be when it becomes available to the public. You get the best price now by backing the Kickstarter.

My Podcast Appearances

I've been a marketing whore lately,  hitting a variety of podcasts to discuss M&A and the Kickstarter. A few of them even asked me about being on their podcasts in the future to discuss other things RPG- and Freelance-related.

I was on the Skirmish Supremacy podcast. Follow the link for the episode.

I was also on the Wrecking Crew podcast. Hit the link for the episode.

Finally, I was on the All Games Considered podcast. Hit the link. There's a pattern here.

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