Capers is Back on the Menu

There's Murders & Acquisitions stuff to tell you about, but I'm waiting for a couple things to be dealt with first. Hang in there.

What's Next for NerdBurger Games?

Late last year, I started working on the rules for the next RPG from NerdBurger Games. It's tentatively titled Capers and is a supers game set in the 1920s Prohibition era in the United States. I got the rules fleshed out to the point that I could run a simple playtest involving combat, just to see how the rules felt. I did this at AndoCon back in March.

A week or two ago, the great bird of RPG Design Inspiration took a giant dump on my head and I started tinkering with an idea for a horror comedy RPG. Tentatively titled Die Laughing, players portray characters in a horror movie with a healthy dose of humor. It's built on the idea that most of the characters would die before the end of the game session, but the players would still have interesting things to do for the rest of the game.

I spent some time going back and forth on which game idea I would pursue first. Several days ago, I decided I'm gonna run with Capers for the next game.


The great thing about having an RPG "in the tank" as it were is that I have a better template for writing up the rules for Capers. I've started tweaking the design, based on the initial playtest experience and a few months of rumination. The organization and layout of this draft/playtest document is much clearer than the M&A playtest document was.

Here's a glimpse of two pages from the initial draft I'm working on now, as illustrations and layout for M&A start to firm up. Capers uses standard playing cards (52-card deck plus two jokers) for the game mechanics, rather than dice. The excerpts below don't get into the mechanics, but more info on that is coming soon.

If you're interested in playtesting Capers when things are ready to go, drop me a line at The more, the merrier.

That's all for now.

Caper on!