Fourth Stretch Goal Hit! Here Comes the Final Stretch!

Yikes! I prepped this blog post a couple days ago and then FORGOT to post it. Jeez. Sorry about that. I've been very busy. Anyway, here you go. Project your brain back two days and read this. Then check out where we're at today. We're in VERY good shape going into the final day.

Fourth stretch goal hit! Murders & Acquisitions now includes rules for cosmic horror. Your character can wield dark magic and vile artifacts. You can fight horrible creatures, their monstrous servitors, and cultists. And you might go a little insane in the process. Okay, a LOT insane.

Final Promotional Appearances

I participated in a 2-hour chat on the RPGnet chatroom this past Friday. The transcript of the chat can be found HERE. Great crowd. Great questions. Pretty comprehensive rundown of the game. Thanks to all who were involved in the chat. I even nabbed a few backers DURING the chat itself.

At MomoCon, I was interviewed by WackedKid47 (who is also a backer). He also recorded a demo session with himself, his brother, a fun guy named Troy, and a couple of sisters who SOUGHT ME OUT THIS YEAR after having played M&A at MomoCon this year. Keep an eye on the WackedKid47 YouTube Channel for these videos.

Ordering Additional Copies of the Book

A reminder: There's now an option for ordering additional copies of the game book. See the "Ordering Additional Copies of the Book" section on the main Kickstarter page.

The additional copies cost less than the initial copy you get at the FULL BENEFITS backer level or higher. That initial copy is, in turn, cheaper than the book will be when it becomes available to the public. You get the best price now by backing the Kickstarter.

The Home Stretch

The M&A Kickstarter is in very good shape going into the final few days. Share the game around with your friends, family, and enemies. There's still a stretch goal to hit. Plus, we all want as many people to enjoy Murders & Acquisitions as possible, right?

The Kickstarter Curve

The typical, successful Kickstarter operates on a "U-Curve" of backer involvement. It starts off strong for a few days, evens out for much of the KS run, and then gets busy again for the final few days. Given that my little Kickstarter is, in fact, successful, I expect this will happen for me.

The best way for this final spike to happen is for me, the team members, and the backers to promote the ever-living CRAP out of the Kickstarter. Let's take this thing to the finish line in style. My sincere thanks to all of you who have helped promote among your circles. One more push and I can put my Publisher Hat on and get the game into your waiting hands.

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