Fifth Stretch Goal Hit!

Fifth stretch goal hit! Murders & Acquisitions now includes rules for mutations and the apocalypse. Your character can now have mutations and play through the end of the world with a variety of apocalypse options. You can face off against strange apoca-monsters as well as mutated (and non-mutated) animals.

Final Bits

There are few more things in the works, even now as the Kickstarter nears completion. Check out the Kickstarter page for another stretch goal and more PDF support material announcements.

Ordering Additional Copies of the Book

A reminder: There's now an option for ordering additional copies of the game book. See the "Ordering Additional Copies of the Book" section on the main Kickstarter page.

The additional copies cost less than the initial copy you get at the FULL BENEFITS backer level or higher. That initial copy is, in turn, cheaper than the book will be when it becomes available to the public. You get the best price now by backing the Kickstarter.

One Last Push

Share the Kickstarter with your friends, family, and enemies. It's almost over, but we all want as many people as possible to enjoy the Murders & Acquisitions world, right?

Thanks in advance for any promotion help you can render.