Artwork Underway

The first week of NerdBurger Games post-Kickstarter has been quite eventful.

All 263 backer pledges have cleared. This is a unicorn in the world of Kickstarters. Usually, 3-5% of cards don't get charged, for a variety of reasons. A backer might have to cancel their card or get a new one. Their credit/available funds might be maxed out. With some Kickstarters, as many as 10% of the cards don't clear. EVERY SINGLE card was charged for the M&A Kickstarter. I like to believe this owes to the enthusiasm of the backers.

Layout is underway. I'm finalizing a few things that got put off while the Kickstarter was running.


Artist contracts and art orders went out on the Wednesday after the Kickstarter ended, as promised. The contracts are signed. The first few sketches have rolled in.

Here's the sketch for a half-page illustration being done by Beth Varni. Beth did the illustration on the front cover and one of the illos on the back cover. This particular illustration will feature four of the archetype characters present in the game book. It shows them working together, looking for something in a tech lab. This illustration will go in the "Example of Play" section at the beginning of the book, a section which describes a group of players and GM playing out an M&A encounter.

Kickstarter Stats

A few days ago, I looked through my Kickstarter dashboard and backer report and compiled some stats.

263 backers. $6000. 333% funded.

1727 video plays. Roughly 31% of viewers watched the entire video.

Average pledge: $22.81.

At least 164 books will be printed (FULL BENEFITS backers and higher), not including additional books printed by some backers who over-pledged for this opportunity or the copies I will have printed.

247 backers were people who have backed Kickstarter projects before. 16 first-time backers.

200 US backers. 63 international backers, including backers from the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Peru, France, Denmark, Israel, Germany, Guam, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Belgium, and China.

Moving Forward

In the coming weeks, I'll share additional sketches and final artwork, as well as some glimpses of interior layout.

I have to create a publisher account at and get ready to put the game up there.

That covers it for now. Expect more news in the not-too-distant future.