CAPERS and Conventions

Two Big CAPERS Announcements

Heads up, Macs and Janes. The CAPERS Preview Edition is available at $4 PDF. $10 softcover. Grab a copy, throw on your fanciest duds, and take a stiff shot of hooch cuz CAPERS is the bee’s knees.

If enough people grab a copy now, it might jump to the top of the “Most Popular Under $5” list at DriveThruRPG. Wouldn’t that be fun!

Here’s a review of the CAPERS Preview edition.

Also, it’s official. CAPERS will go to Kickstarter on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 to fund final artwork, layout, and a few other things. So stay tuned!

AndoCon 2018 Kickstarter

If you live in the Atlanta area (or close and can swing money for a hotel room), check out AndoCon in early March. There’s a Kickstarter running right now to get badge sales underway. You can get your hotel room as part of the Kickstarter. There’s cool add-ons. And I’ll be at the convention.

November Convention Appearances

I’ll be at AcadeCon on November 10-12 in Dayton, OH. Check out their website to learn more.

I’ll be at PAX Unplugged on November 17-19 in Philadelphia, PA.

My convention schedules are on the Schedule page here on If you’re going to be at either convention, let me know. Maybe we can grab a drink or play a game. Or both.

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