AndoCon 2018 Kickstarter - One Week to Go

Hey there,

I have no idea how many of you actually live in the Atlanta area. I hope many of you live outside of Atlanta, cuz that means my little games have made their way all over the place.

BUT, if you DO live in the Atlanta area or are up for coming to Atlanta for a super cool gaming convention, check out AndoCon!

We're running a Kickstarter right now to get things moving. The convention will be held March 9-11, 2018 and will be chock full of gaming goodness and a whole bunch of people who love gaming and the geeky lifestyle. This is my absolute FAVORITE gaming convention! If you attend, you won't be disappointed. That's a NerdBurger guarantee! 

Check it out and pledge to the Kickstarter if you want to attend. 

AndoCon 2018 Kickstarter Link

I'll be there. I hope to see you there, too.