AcadeCon ReCap

Hello all,

I'm back from AcadeCon in Dayton, OH. Wow! What a great convention. I couldn't have asked for a better kickoff to my own personal "convention season."

I ran a bunch of games. Ran a bunch of demos. Sold some books. Met some internet friends in person for the first time. Networked a bit. Talked shop with fellow designers.

Let's use that handy bullet point feature for the rest of this post...

  • Big thanks to Michael Ross and all the folks at RPG Academy and AcadeCon for putting on a great con.
  • Rudy Basso and James Introcaso from Don't Split the Podcast Network are super-cool. Though, James is taller than I imagined he'd be. Not sure why I thought he'd be a short guy. :-) Rudy, James, and Neal, thanks for a great game of CAPERS.
  • I hosted a panel for designing an RPG while having a day job. People showed up. And paid attention. And asked questions. And TOOK NOTES! Wow. A few of them even stopped by my demo table afterwards to follow up on some things.
  • Two games of Die Laughing got kinda loud. Not gonna lie. I'm proud of that. The game is called Die LAUGHING. A quiet table of that game reflects poor game design.
  • I ran, I THINK, eight CAPERS demos. And gave the shorter pitch a bunch of times. A supers game in the 1920s isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I'd say I got about 95% positive from those I spoke to.
  • I spend Saturday evening talking shop with Pete Petrusha and Jim & Heather Dagg. Great folks.
  • I met a bunch of cool people. Here's a summary. Ken Hite is incredibly knowledgeable. James D'Amato is incredibly personable. Darcy Ross is incredibly positive. Tom Cantwell is incredibly forgiving (for me dropping from his game to network). James McClure is incredibly smiley. John Arcadian is incredibly kilty. :-)
  • And I had a pitch meeting that went really well. I have an announcement a while. For now, you can speculate. Maybe Craig is translating M&A into sanskrit. Maybe I'm going to MoonCon, the first gaming convention on the moon. The possibilities are endless.
  • Thank you to all my players and anyone else I've missed. I had a blast.

Time to prep for PAX Unplugged,