PAX Unplugged Recap

Hello all,

I'm back from PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA. In fact, I just got back about an hour ago. I thought I'd get a recap up on the site while everything was still fresh in my head. 

PAX Unplugged was fun, but exhausting. I ran EIGHT 2-hour game sessions for Games On Demand (as well as a pickup game of Die Laughing) and spent several hours at the Indie Game Developer Network Booth in the dealer hall, selling my games as well as the games of many other IGDNers. I rounded out my time by hanging out with my roomies, John Kennedy and Pete Petrusha of the IGDN, chatting with numerous gamers, and hanging out with and meeting many people who I previously only knew through the internet. 

Here's a summary:

  • 4 games of CAPERS, 5 games of Die Laughing. A lot of great responses from people, including some insights into Die Laughing that will help future design revisions. Gathered emails for a bunch of people who will get a CAPERS Kickstarter reminder email in March. 
  • About seven or so hours in the IGDN booth. Based on what I saw, I'm pretty confident that I sold enough M&A and CAPERS books to cover my buy-in share of the booth and make a little money as well. 
  • Big thanks to the IGDN folks for introducing me to being an IGDN salesman, especially to Matthew McFarland and Michelle Lyons-McFarland, who are the point people for IGDN booths at conventions. 
  • Shout-out to James Introcaso and Rudy Basso of the Don't Split the Podcast Network for bringing friends to a game of Die Laughing in the food court, including helping rope two complete strangers into the eight-person game. 
  • Finally met Pixelscapes Jen, whose super-cute D&D monster illustrations I love. You should check 'em out!
  • Met and briefly talked to Alex Roberts, the host of the Backstory Podcast, which I LOVE! She's incredibly kind, which I totally expected. I'm reasonably certain I didn't come across as too weird to her. 
  • Met Aaron, a cool dude and big fan of my games, who gifted me with a four-pack of local microbrews. Pete Petrusha and I enjoyed them muchly. Thanks, Aaron! And thanks for the suggestion of The Dutch Eating Place for breakfast. The IGDN crew had a wonderful group breakfast there on Friday morning before the convention got rolling. 
  • Touched base with Kevin Kulp, who has contributed some game design to CAPERS. I tried to get him involved in a game, but he was very busy with Pelgrane Press stuff. 
  • Met several other members of the IGDN (who weren't working the booth). 
  • Met a big handful of other people, exchanged cards, networked. 

All in all, a fine weekend. But my feet are killing me. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped make things fun. Fellow designers. My players. Everyone!

Now for a day off, and then several days of getting my crap in order, working on CAPERS stuff, writing for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse, and dealing with a whole bunch of (very good) fallout from my first two convention appearances in quite a while.