Mostly a Personal Update

Hey all,

I don't have a lot to talk about concerning the games right now. I'm THIS CLOSE to sending CAPERS to the editor. I'm THIS close to finishing a short PDF-only supplement for Murders & Acquisitions called Holiday Bonus (that'll go up at DriveThruRPG in December). And I'm plinking away at other stuff.

So what else is going on? I took the entire week of Thanksgiving off from work. It's the first time I've taken multiple days off with no real plan or NEEDS that had to be dealt with in a couple years. It was GREAT. Lots of lounging about, catching up on some TV shows and movies, browsing the intarwebs, and just relaxing. I really needed that time off, especially considering what the next few months hold for me and NerdBurger Games. 

Rock 'n' Roll Sock Hop Mouse

My friend Derek Kickstarted Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse a few weeks ago. Successful Kickstarter for a Fate-based game of mice and their motorcycle clubs. The first stretch goal was for me to write an alternate setting called Rock 'n' Roll Sock Hop Mouse, describing the teenage biker mice of Thunder City and all their races, emotions, friendships, loves, and SINGING. I'm about halfway done writing my contribution to Derek's super-fun game. Part of what's left involves creating rules for singing your heart out in the game like they do in musicals. 

Future Convention Appearances

AcadeCon and PAX Unplugged are over (and both were covered in recent blog posts). I have four more definite convention appearances coming up in January-March of next year. And two other POSSIBLE appearances. Check the Schedule page for more info. 

December Recordings

A fan of my Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut adventure from Dungeon Magazine during the D&D 4E period has invited me to play in an actual play podcast with some of his other favorite people of this and that. He'll be running a dinosaur race scenario built around the Tomb of Annihilation adventure book for D&D 5E. Given my Baba Yaga adventure, I'll be playing a female, hag-like Warlock. Should be fun.

I'll also be running CAPERS for two actual play podcasts in December. I'll provide more info on those as details are nailed down. One of them will be streamed live and then broken up into multiple podcast episodes for publication during the CAPERS Kickstarter. The other will be recorded and then given the "radio play treatment" with sound effects and production value, also for publication during the Kickstarter. 

Pitch Meeting - A Vague Story

At AcadeCon, I had a pitch meeting with...a person. I told this person all about CAPERS. This person...really loved the game. And this person will be doing something really cool with CAPERS that may or may not have to do with the Kickstarter in March of 2018.

Sorry I can't get into specifics right now. But this opportunity is super-cool and the...thing...that will be happening is AWESOME! Stay tuned for more news once the person releases me to talk more about it. 

And that about does it. 

Game on,