And It Begins!

Hello NerdBurger Lovers,

It begins. This weekend kicks off my push to Kickstarting CAPERS. Kickstarter coming Tuesday, March 6th, 2018. 

James, Tim, Derek, and Kevin have all submitted their design work. The game manuscript is written. Just some tidying up to do. It should go off to my editor before Christmas. Beth is locked in for artwork next year (though she’ll be doing a few more pieces before the end of this year). Owen and I will meet on Tuesday to discuss interior layout and graphic design. Mike is working on maps.

CAPERS Preview Edition

Reminder. The CAPERS Preview Edition is available at


I have six conventions scheduled over the next five months, two of them in the next two weekends. I might end up with two more if I can make them work out.

I’ll be at AcadeCon next weekend and at PAX Unplugged the following weekend. You can see my schedules for these conventions on the Schedule page. If you’re going to be at either convention, let me know.


I’ve been in touch with Lee Garvin, the designer of Tales from the Floating Vagabond for a little while now. Check out his website. Good stuff! We’re in talks to create some sort of cross-over adventure(s) for our respective games. A way for characters from one game to dive into the world of the other just a little bit.

Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse

Most of my design time is spent on NerdBurger Games, but I occasionally write for other games. My friend Derek Kamal recently funded a Kickstarter to publish Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse. It’s a Fate-based game of mice and their motorcycle clubs. I’ll be writing an alternate setting for the game called Rock ‘n’ Roll Sock Hop Mouse, where teenage mice in motorcycle gangs race to see whose bikes are best and fall in and out of love, all while thumbing their mousey noses at authority. It’ll include Fate rules for singing and dancing to gain Aspects, a la musicals like Grease.

M&A Holiday Bonus

I wasn’t planning on making supplements for M&A back when I created it, but an idea struck me that is just too good to pass up. I’ll be publishing a PDF supplement called Holiday Bonus in December, as a celebration of the one-year anniversary of the publication of Murders & Acquisitions. This 15-or-so-page supplement will contain stuff for both players and Supervisors, in a holiday theme.

Here's snippet.

There's plenty more where that came from. 

What’s To Come

Mostly I’m focused on getting CAPERS ready for Kickstarter. But there might be a few other surprises in there. Stay tuned.

Game on,