To Patreon or Not to Patreon...


I've been considering the idea of creating a Patreon for some time but haven't taken the plunge. With the recent bed-crapping Patreon managed to do, I'm putting it off even longer. Curious to see what Kickstarter's Drip service will look like once it's live for all.

If the CAPERS Kickstarter creates some more NerdBurger Games fans, maybe I'll revisit the idea.

But what would be worthwhile for a little game company like mine? Behind the scenes looks at ongoing design processes, of course. Maybe the occasional micro-game design. Blog posts on specific challenges I run into. Maybe the occasional interview (text or audio podcast) with other indie designers and/or people who help with my work.

What do you think? What could I offer that you would pay a few bucks per month to enjoy?

I've posted this on both my personal FB page and the NerdBurger Games FB page. You can respond with your thoughts there. OR email me at with your thoughts.