The Coming Year

A little while back, I posted a recap for 2017. Time to take a look forward to 2018.

The CAPERS Kickstarter

The Kickstarter for CAPERS is set to go live on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. I’m not sure exactly when, but I expect I’ll push the button around 9am Eastern that day. It’ll run until Thursday, April 5, 2018 at 9pm Eastern.

Backer Levels

I spent some time reviewing my M&A Kickstarter as well as a variety of other Kickstarters for smaller indie RPGs. The details aren’t completely locked down, but you can expect a base backer level of $15. This will get you the entire game in PDF, with all stretch goal material unlocked, all PDF support materials, a code to buy a soft- or hardcover book at cost and a code to buy a deck of CAPERS-themed playing cards at cost. Including both backing the game and paying for the at cost book, it comes to a TOTAL of around $22 plus shipping for a softcover. $27 plus shipping for a hardcover. Keep in mind those dollar amounts include the initial $15 backer level. So, a pretty good deal for a game that will probably be $30 softcover and $35 hardcover retail afterwards.

With M&A, getting the book code took a backer level of $20. I decided to put everything in the base $15 backer level for CAPERS to make it a better deal for people, hopefully resulting in more backers jumping on board. Additionally, M&A was being put up sort of in a vacuum. I didn’t know how it would do so I tried to get pledges in ways I thought would help hit my goals. Now that I have a bit of an audience in place and a greater reach for marketing and promotion, I can make the CAPERS Kickstarter a better deal.

There will also be backer levels for getting your likeness in an illustration, being able to design an NPC to go in the game, and a way to get multiple copies of the game for you and your friends along with an online game with me GMing. There are a couple other ideas in the works, but I’m trying to keep everything under control. Probably no more than six backer levels.


I’ll be doing all I can to promote the Kickstarter without overstaying my welcome with people or bugging them too much. The best thing YOU can do to help is to back the game and share the Kickstarter around with your friends…maybe a couple times during the Kickstarter period.

I have plans in place for CAPERS to be featured in a few actual play podcasts. And I’ll be a guest on several audio podcasts promoting the game as well as just talking gaming and geeky stuff. And a bunch of other little things.

If you have any ideas about ways I can promote the Kickstarter, email me at

CAPERS Progress

I handed the manuscript off to the editor recently. I should get it back in a couple weeks. Then I’ll have to spend some time formatting the document to make importing it into InDesign as smooth as possible.

Mike is working on maps, possibly as I type this, and Owen is nailing down the interior layout options. We’re going to print a proof copy of several options so we can see how they’ll look in print form. The biggest issue here is making sure it works in color when printed on a page. M&A was b/w, so it was easy to envision everything just by looking at things on the screen.

Beth will be doing four more illustrations in early January so I have everything I need to hand off to Michelle and Jim to craft the Kickstarter video. I have some cool stuff planned for the video and am really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

There’s a bunch of support material stuff yet to be done, but much of that is waiting on final character sheet design as well as some layout decisions still in flux.

Die Laughing Progress

I’ve revamped the scene structure to break things out into Act 1, Act 2, and Act 3. This way, the scenes available for each Act are more appropriate to the types of scenes you see at different points during a horror movie. I’m pretty pleased with the work-up thus far but still need to test it. People who have bought (or will buy) the Die Laughing Preview Edition will still work from the previous scene structure.

I have some ideas in place for artwork for the game, though I probably won’t dive into pursuing that for a few months.

I’m expecting the book to clock in around 80-90 pages in digest size (6x9). Each character will get a small illustration as will each monster. Add in a few larger illustrations elsewhere in the book and it makes for a rather large art budget, relative to the size of the game. I’ve started looking at how I can make a Kickstarter happen with a relatively low base backer buy-in (probably $5-7).


I’ll be hitting five (hopefully six) conventions between now and the end of the CAPERS Kickstarter. You can see my full schedule on the Schedule page of this website.

Those three months are going to EASILY be my busiest convention schedule ever. I went whole hog for finding ways to promote CAPERS and it’s gonna exhaust me. But, once they’re done, I’ll be able to settle into “publisher mode” for several months where I’ll mostly be directing others doing graphic, art, and layout work.

I’m not sure if I’ll be making it to any other conventions later in the year. I’d really like to go to AcadeCon again. And I’d probably go to PAX Unplugged again if the IGDN decides to have a booth in the dealer hall in 2018. Origins and GenCon are possibilities, but looking unlikely. They’ll both be happening in the midst of me getting CAPERS out the door, assuming the Kickstarter funds, of course. Plus, I’m gonna eat up a LOT of vacation time in the first three months of next year. Ugh. 

More RPGs?

I’m pretty sure Die Laughing will be the next game I publish, assuming all continues to go well with playtesting. The game system is ridiculously simple, compared to other games I’ve designed, so the playtesting process will be less about rules testing and more about making sure character and monster options are fun and engaging.

I’ve got a few more ideas percolating in my brain right now. Each has seen about one page of outlining just to get ideas on paper. A mid-apocalypse sort of sci-fi game set in a very DIFFERENT setting? A simple, family-oriented RPG that features drawing simple things as part of the game? A mystery-in-a-small-town game set in the middle of nowhere? I’ll have to explore the ideas more and see which one grabs ahold of my imagination the most.

I imagine I’ll continue to design the occasional 1-2 page game as design exercises.

The NerdBurger Podcast

This little podcast is almost five years old. Mike hasn’t tired of me yet, so I expect it will continue to grow older. You can expect appearances from some of the people who contributed to CAPERS at various times, along with all our regulars, and a few special guests now and then.

My Games at Conventions

I’ll have my games for sale at the conventions I’m attending in 2018. I’ll be trying to get the games on the shelves at a few other conventions, even if I don’t attend, including Origins and GenCon.

In Closing…

It’s been a heck of a year here at NerdBurger Games and I expect 2018 to be even bigger and better for my little company. It’s certainly going to be busy.

With that, I’m gonna call 2017 to a close, at least for  this little blog, and start preparing for what’s to come.

Game on,