Hello NerdBurgers,

Is "NerdBurger" the right name for a fan of NerdBurger Games? I'm not sure. That's what I'm gonna go with. If you have a better name I can use for fans of NerdBurger Games RPGs, let me know. Drop a comment here or email me at

Anyway, here's the situation. After spending about a year getting the game sort of squared away and then running CAPERS through its first round of playtesting, I'm confident that this little game is going to become a reality at some point. I have a tentative plan in place regarding WHEN I'll bring CAPERS to Kickstarter, but I'm not ready to share that just yet. There are too many variable right now. But, please know the plan now is that this game is going to see the light of day, one way or the other, in time. 

Following is a bunch of info that mostly doesn't have anything to do with current playtests. But I figure you might be interested in seeing where CAPERS stands right now. 

Playtest Update

I've completed game design revisions following my first round of playtests. Many thanks to my playtesters. I hope you enjoy the next round of playtests. I hope to get the second round of playtest info out to playtesters in early March. 

I've also begun running a playtest campaign with some friends to try out a bunch of stuff and see how the game plays in person. We had our first game yesterday and all the players are enjoying things so far. More fun to come. 

Conventions and Game Days

When I was developing Murders & Acquisitions, I brought that game to a variety of local conventions. I hope to do the same with CAPERS. I'm on the lookout for small, local conventions and game days where I can put the game in front of people. I'll continue to work on those plans. 

I'm not in the position right now to take CAPERS to game days and small cons outside of the Atlanta area. That said, I'd be very happy to send playtest documents to people who would be interested in running the game for their friends at home or at a local game day or small, local convention. I'm always looking to build the NerdBurger Games audience. If you'd like to run the game, drop me a line at and I'll send you the current playtest info. I just ask that you help pimp NerdBurger Games (M&A included) and help me grow my little game company. 

In time, as CAPERS gets more fully developed and we get closer to a future Kickstarter date for publishing the game, I'll be attending more conventions. I've got a long list of potentials. We'll see where that goes. 

Podcast Appearances

I'm looking to make appearances on podcasts to help promote NerdBurger Games and CAPERS

Recently, I got online with the folks at The Wrecking Crew podcast to discuss CAPERS. These guys are playtesting the game and we talked a bunch about NerdBurger Games and CAPERS. You can check out the podcast HERE. They're a fine bunch of folks and have provided me with great insight into their particular play experience. 

Check back in on the Podcasts page occasionally for future podcast appearances. I have a few possibilities lined up. Here's hoping they all happen. 

Graphic Design

My intention for Murders & Acquisitions was for the game book to read and look, in part, like an employee manual for a company. (Hence "Employee Manual" being a subtitle on the cover and the inclusion of a variety of charts and graphs in the interior.)

For CAPERS, my intention is to build the final game book to look a bit like a magazine from the 1920s. To that end, I've started researching magazines covers and interiors from the 1920s. These magazines feature distinctive fonts, illustration types, and formatting styles. It's been a fun process to look into what magazines looked like a century ago. As my plans for the game move forward, I hope to share some of the things I've found. Be on the lookout. 

CAPERS Comic Pages in the Book?

Many RPGs built around supers feature a few pages of comic book style pages somewhere within. I wasn't sure initially if this was appropriate to CAPERS, given that it's not really a "capes and cowls" type of supers game. It's more low-key.

After spending considerable thought on this, I've determined that a 4-page "comic" in the book is completely appropriate to the game. I've been in discussions recently with an artist to help me develop a 4-page comic/graphic novel style insert for the final game book.

This has put me on the road to researching how to script out such a comic. Yet another "hat" for me to wear as I work on my second RPG. It's been a fun process. If all goes well, there will be a 4-page comic/graphic novel style insert in the final game book. 

But that's a ways down the road. We'll see how it pans out. 

A Little M&A Discount?

If you're reading this, you probably already purchase Murders & Acquisitions. Probably, you were a Kickstarter backer and have gotten the best price for the game. 

However, if you're NOT a Kickstarter backer and haven't yet purchased the M&A book...

Or...if you have friends who are interested in M&A who haven't yet purchased the M&A book...

I have a discount offer for you!

Email me at for a small discount on the Murders & Acquisitions book. 

Tell me what version of the book you'd like (PDF, softcover, or hardcover), and I'll send you a discount link. It's not a HUGE discount, but it'll save you a few bucks. 

Kickstarter backers, please know that this discount isn't huge. You got the best price for the game. It's simply a slight incentive for others. 

This discount offer extends until the end of March 2017, but only if you email me. After March 31st, it's gone. This is an effort to put M&A into the hands of more gamers and help build NerdBurger Games. 

Thanks for being a friend of NerdBurger Games.

Game on,