Tweak Time

I’ve received the first round of playtest feedback. This round was focused on seeing if the overall game is fun and if the playing card system is viable.

Playtesters generally enjoyed the setting/tone/feel of the game. A few even commented that they were pleasantly surprised after initial doubts. So that’s cool.

Most of the playtesters pointed out some issues with the playing card mechanic, but no one thought it was unviable. It’s going to take some tweaking, but I think the system has a great deal of promise.

Here’s a rundown of the most notable tweaks that will be happening.

  • I need to expand the info provided for the setting/tone of the game. This will come in dribs and drabs throughout game development.

  • Almost every group pointed out that damage dealt versus the number of Hits characters had (and to a lesser extent, characters’ defense scores) seemed out of whack. I’ll be adjusting to make sure a successful attack packs more punch. (See what I did there?)

  • I’m going to simplify the “degree of success/failure” aspect of the system. It’s too complicated right now.

  • I’m going to give aces something extra cool. Right now, you can get a Boon with spades as long as you succeed at hitting the target score (pip value of your card). The pip value needs something to make it a little more worthwhile, at least when you get an ace.

  • I’m going to explore alternate uses for spending Moxie, the pool of points you use to gain extra effects and the like.

  • I need to tweak the wording in a few Exploits (exceptional abilities) for clarity and add more Exploits for continued playtesting.

  • And there’s a few other, little things.

    I’ve also narrowed down the playtester list to four groups who will continue to playtest throughout the year. (Assuming they remain interested, of course.) I’m hoping to have three more rounds of playtesting, maybe four, before the end of 2017. Each round will focus in tighter and tighter on things as the game develops.

    The next round will focus very specifically on the core game system and Exploits. I’d like to lock the basics of the system in place (barring little tweaks here and there) by mid-year.

    Game on,