CAPERS Round 2 Underway

Hello all,

CAPERS has entered Round 2 of playtesting. Four groups are hard at work picking apart the game mechanics, including the Powers. I should receive feedback by the end of the month. Then I move into revision mode and start getting ready for Round 3. 

Playtest Document Sample

Here's a look at a few Powers that are in the current round of playtesting. 

CAPERS Team, Assemble!

I've begun assembling the team who will help me put together the final CAPERS game. Here's a list of who is on board so far.

Mike, my podcast partner, friend, and layout guy for M&A, will do layout for CAPERS, as well as provide three full-page maps of Atlantic City, New York, and Chicago. 

Owen St.Gelais, who played the game at a recent game day and is a graphic designer in real life, is going to help with graphic design. 

Tim Eagon, who wrote a bunch of stuff for M&A, will design the Chicago backdrop. 

Derek Kamal, of Shoreless Skies Publishing and a lot of other freelancing, will design the New York backdrop. 

James Introcaso, of the Don't Split the Podcast Network and World Builder Blog, will be designing a fun toolbox of options for GMs to use to interject some comic book tropes into the game. Things like alternate Earths, super prisons, etc. 

Beth Varni, who did a bunch of artwork for M&A (portfolio here), will provide even more artwork for CAPERS

Karen Franklin, who was involved in proofreading M&A, will do copy editing and proofreading.

I've also booked Michelle Owczarski, my friend who made the M&A Kickstarter video, to do the KS video for CAPERS

My thanks to the CAPERS team for getting on board. I'm looking forward to your contributions. 

CAPERS Playtest Live Play Podcast

One of my playtest groups is comprised of the folks who make the Of Steam, Steel and Murder Actual Play Podcast. They posted their actual play recordings of the Round 1 playtest recently. Two parts. Check it out. It gives you a pretty good idea of how the game plays. 

What Else?

I've been developing a bunch of other stuff for the game while this round of playtest runs. Nothing dealing with the core rules. I'm waiting on playtest feedback before I touch much of that stuff. But how about expanded rules and new Powers!

  • Chase Rules - I'm tinkering with specific rule info regarding running a chase scene in CAPERS. Model Ts, motorcycles, speedster PCs, and flying PCs. How do you jump from one moving vehicle to another? How fast is a speedster PC compared to a 1920s period roadster car? I'm working on that. 
  • Standoff Rules - I'm working up a way to resolve the traditional standoff with guns (and powers) out and ready to go. A system that allows everyone to make some quick, important choices in how they stare down their opponents and how those choices affect the fight that ensues. 
  • Additional Powers - Including one that allows your character to shift her bones, organs, and skin in interesting ways. Elasticity. Weather Manipulation. All sorts of fun stuff. 

I've worked out my budget for everything involved in getting CAPERS pulled together. And I've had my fingers in a variety of other things. This little game is starting to take shape.

Game on,